Ghosts and Gods

That blasted priest! Attacks my babies, but not the intruders! Even tells them where to get more weapons. Stealing my treasures! Mine!

Going into the protected place. He let them in. Why won’t he let me in? We were friends once!

They broke it! I can see him! ME! Him me? Seeping out! Put him back!

My guards did not see them, snuck right through my garden. But I felt them, sneaking thieves.

I’ll catch them up, bite them eat them!

Oh! It hurts! Must not let them IN! NOOOOOOooooooo….

~Alyxian Aboleth

What’s this? They made it. Finally made it. They’ll save me. Finally free.

Wait, where are they going? He’s staying though, he has my amulet.

Sees my first memory. Tries to help. But just as much a failure as me.

Second chance, just this once. Get up, friend. You can’t do it alone.

Gather your friends. Come back better armed. You have to free me!


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