Into the Depths

They have come. At last. To set me free. Soon, I shall escape my prison. See the world once more. And make them remember me! I will Show Them! I won’t be alone anymore. I won’t suffer alone anymore! More. More. More…

He failed to save my parents, just as I did. But together, they saved Saqiri when I could not. Hunted where I ran. She forgave me. Why could I not have been brave back then? I was so alone.

Marisa, Celeste, and Meri Zenthas. I will remember their names now. I wish I could remember their faces. They killed them, killed them just as my presence did. They hate me for it. I hate me. All there is left is hate and death.

They see visions of my past, but will it just make them hate me more? They must love me, must care, must set me Free!

That moon! That cursed moon! That cursed me! It does not curse them. Why? Why is it only me?! Only me. Alone me.

My Spear! They took my Spear! I must have it back! I will hunt them! Take it back. I Must have it to protect the city! I will follow. Take it back.


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