Closer, So Close Now

One separates, a young woman clouded in shadows, followed by a curious bubble, she seeks the graveyard. Looks, but does not tarry. Making her way back to where they came from. She returns, and leads them carefully away from one death, towards the other, the many graves. They look, but do not dig to see what they will find. Only find the lock and place the key.

My bedroom awaits, not of childhood, but a time when I still believed the gods had not forsaken me entirely. When my faith was strong, when I was still strong. The cursed one takes on this strength, and they move on. Back and forth, to return to the futures.

Defiantly, the strike Death first. Destroying the Embraces before they can do much harm. The sorrow takes a few though, before they can be free of it. A door requires a key, a key they did find, and they are through. Out of the water, to my guardian.

The guardian I trapped here. Who will give her life for me, gave her life for me. Why have I cursed her so? They speak of helping me, oh I hope it is true. They mean to free me, can it be? She challenges them, to show their strength, to prove themselves worthy. They do, over and again, falling and rising. They set her free. Set her free from me, oh that I could have done the same. Thank you.

The little wisp leads them on. On towards the moon that did curse me. How quickly they pick up the weapons of the gods, as I did, believing that would save me. It curses them as it cursed me. But even as the moon strikes out at them, they destroy the shields, destroy the moon. Take on my hatred of it for themselves. It does not break the curse, but it gives me comfort. Perhaps they can free me after all.

They make their way back, through all the rooms, wisps and bubbles follow, but they pay no heed. Find their way back to the unexplored chambers. They find the fury of battles lost. The statues of the fallen. The scavengers who feasted on them. The fury that tried to destroy me, hold me down. Once again they fight their way through. Once again, I am sure they will free me, too.

But now they rest. Only one room away from my prison, they stop to sleep. I must show them my pain, show them we are the same. They will understand. They must understand. They must set me free!


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