Fresh Air

It’s very bright, and yellow here. Strange place to be summoned, and an even stranger Master. But I like the nest on his head, if a little spikey.

Off to go speak with this excited young demon’s masters. It seems very excited that the group got rid of some corruption from the city. Cobalt Soul, the young Master calls them. I like him, this old man who derides his other underling, but is nice to the excited demon. He gives them all shinies in bags. Says they’d be happy to meet rescued folks and chat with them. The dark one wanders off to go look for something big and shiny.

A young boy waiting, to take them to the big beautiful building in the center of the city. Don’t mind me tagging along. There’s a big beast up in the sky that seems to be tailing us. Master says it’s fine.

Ja’mon sa Ord. He’s a big guy. Quiet, kind. He gives them lots of shinies in a magic box. Wonder if Master will let me have some for my nest. The dark one is more interested in papers than shinies, can I have his?

Oh. Guess we’re giving the the shinies away for bigger shinies. We go all over the city trading small for big. The dark one is a good talker and makes the shop people take less shinies for their stuff.

The dark one and the red one are all excited about dead people, or murders? Their murders? I don’t get it, but the tall man really doesn’t like it and left. I think I’ll eat some of Master’s dinner and go to sleep.

A lazy morning, and now we’re running through a magic circle. Oh, it’s dark here, but the men with pointy sticks know the dark one. So, we go outside, but it’s still dark here. Dark but lit up with lots of green lights. He takes us to a fancy building and Master gets his own room and they give us lots of food. It’s a nice place here. Much better than the dry sandy place.

We sit around for a couple days, then we go to the big dark building and into a very bright room. They make a man appear on the altar, and everyone is really happy and give him clothes and things. Then we go meet the dark one’s little green mother.

Now, we’re off again to a dirty place, full of smells and animals. Master takes me to meet a dragon lady and drinks stuff that give him horns and no reflection. He doesn’t like that and she makes it all go away. But he gets more drinks from her before we leave.

Now we’re guarding a shiny building. Master says it’s because the tall man is scared of people coming to get him. We guard it for days before he finally comes out again. He looks better, if still scared.

Where are we going next? They have lots of ideas, I think I’ll take another nap while they decide. This nest is turning out quite nice.

~Juxua, the crow

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