So Much Shiny

When the dust settled, Master and the others immediately started gathering up all the shiny treasure in the Dracolich’s chambers. There was every so much. Master even found a very shiny key. He seemed very excited about it, maybe it will help them get out of this horrible place.

We go through another wall, behind where the big thing had been waiting. There’s a dead guy in the first room and he blows up a bit before they take his robes off and raid all his chests of shinies. Then there’s a room that has lots of dragon’s breath in it. That’s what master says. Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison. It’s all really terrible, but they keep going in. The blue-haired one says you have to get hurt by everything and then stand in the middle and get hurt again. So, when they do that, all the dragon-headed statues open up. They quickly take the shiny things and run out again. Good choice, I think.

One last room and a few dispels later, and three more big treasures collected. The dark one is really happy about a big milky rock. Master and the other little ones identify all the shiny things they found. Lots of them are evil, why does this surprise them? Evil place, evil stuff. But they got some good stuff, too. The dark one says we have to go back to his Mom now, seems awfully old to be reporting to mommy, but whatever. He tries, but just stares off at nothing for awhile. Then he tries again and we whisk away to the dark place.

They give this old goblin lady all the evil treasure. She seems very happy about the milky rock, too. And not so happy about the withered dragon heart. But she takes it all and thanks everybody.

Shopping time after that, and people want to visit their families. The big guy goes to see a bunch of humans in the dark place. The red guy drags everyone back to the stinky animal place to go see his family. We go see a weird little gnome there, too, in an underground cavern full of shiny things. They buy a bunch of things, including a hole they were sad they didn’t buy last time they were here. Who buys a hole? You just dig one.

The red one wanted to go see his other family, so we went to a place full of folk like him. Stone bunkers and hobgoblins everywhere you looked. His family seems nice. His friends know how to throw a party! Then we had to go back to the Dark place so the tall man could stare at a different milky rock than the one we found. I don’t know what that was all about, but we had a big party with his human family afterwards. This is more like it. Food, drink, and fun! Next day, back to the dirty animal city for the red one to stare at a rock. His new family is much more boring than everyone else’s, but then we went back to the Take for a proper party.

Partied out, we head back to the hot sandy place. Master takes me with him to the big library with the dark one. They read a bunch of books and they stare at a big crystal ball for a while. The dark one looks disappointed. When we get back together, they decide that they were too late and this trip was wasted. The big guy, however, is very happy over a big gauntlet he bought, even if it took him two days to get it.

Master says we’re going back to the awful place, but not That awful place, one much worse. Oh Boy!


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