Into the Pit

They come. They Come. Flying on the wings… no, that’s not right… well, one has wings. There’s a carpet and some brooms. Why don’t they have wings. They should coming flying in on the wings of … devils? I don’t know. THeY ComE!

The Children. They know! TheY KNOW! Feed the Children. I’ve fed the ChildreN. Safe ChilDreN, all safe. Not ReadY. Feed them the Children. NO!

He makes a door in the Air. Carries the ChiLDreN inside. Into the Air. How? How? HoW?

Talking. Talking. Taking. Taking. He’s taking them into the AiR! STaY Loyal. Some stay Loyal. Must STay. Can’T go. Should Jump. Not YeT.

Talking to Mistress Hoci now. She won’t Go. Waiting. Waiting. The Holy ONE COMES. Is she herE? Did she Already go DOWN? Waiting.

Safe? And food? Safe to wait and eat. ProTect the ChilDren. Yes, yes. Loyal but Safe. Check on Them for THEM. Into the Air. Into a place that doesn’t exist. THey would liKe that. Safe, safe with the ChildREn.

~ Craggle

More Come Down. Come Down To Me. through the air. through the darkness. InTo ThE ChAoS. dowN dowN dowN tO mE!

KilL ThE LittlE OneS. TheY KilL AlL OF TheM. nOt liSTen. LISTEN TO ME!

ShoW THEM. I’ll sHOw ThEm! My pOWEr! NigHtmAreS! All THEIR nIGHtmaREs! KiLL thEIr NightMARES! KiLL theM All!

LosT. Loose theM. Lose theM. FOUND! FeaST My HuNGRy oNeS! dEAth! kIll! sqUAsh thEm!

Rest. Yes, Rest. Now. Mine. You. Will. Be. Mine.

~ Ceratos, The Many

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