Bad Lich

We go in to talk to floating green thing Scootch call Lich. He wants our stuff, so we attack him. He make sticky web, but Skeeter no care. Then he make cold fog. That’s no good. Marge’s kids all scared of webs and fog, stay outside and fight spiders. So many spiders. Quint and Ghostface and Skeeter fight lich thing. Scootch get rid of some fog and try to send lich away. Lich get madder. He kill Ghostface dead again. Quint keep hitting him. Finally Marge’s kids all run in to hit Lich, too. Skeeter just can’t see in fog. Lich thing cast bad death spell. It hurts so bad. But then he run away and wish us good luck. Marta save Skeeter from following Ghostface.

Lich thing have lots of pretty weapons and rings and armor and things. Quint get new club. Skeeter get new spear. Scootch get new dagger. Marta get pretty ring. It been long day, we put green Scootch in corner and go sleep.

Wake up middle night to Marge’s spider dog howling. What wrong? Scootch turned all green and moss-covered. He fly over group. Make more sick. Marge’s kid shoot him down. Scootch all bad and dead now. Poor Scootch. We all run outside, leave him in lich room, and back to bed. Ghostface and Scootch all gone. Now who Skeeter gonna cuddle? Oh yeah, baby dragon still like Scootch. Such a cute baby dragon, he almost better, but now Skeeter gotta get better all over again, too.

Lookit All the Monster Poo!

We walk and walk and walk. Scootch says it maze and dis-spells. Corridors get big! Scootch, you make us small? Nono, is okay, just make hall bigger. Finally find a door.

Cave behind door with big torch and blue fire. We go look, nothing shiny. Torch spits off some fire though. Scootch calls it de-mon ro-bot and tried to make friends. Quint runs away and Ghostface hits it til it get small and quiet. Then we all go find Quint.

He found door with spikes and holes and levers. Is all one big trap. Ghostface and Quint walk through door while Scootch casts magic at it. Quint come back through after while and says needs help with big monster. Scootch finally get it open.

We walk across bars over a pit and into big cavern with what Scootch call hi-dra. It has too many heads, sees Skeeter. Oowww, it burns! But it poos out lots of shiny things when we kill it. Skeeter give baby dragon a hi-dra steak and a piece of shiny red monster-poo. Quint say shiny biscuits and rocks must be monster poo, we always find after kill monster. Ghostface mad he can’t eat, curses baby dragon. Skeeter stab Ghostface.

Other side of cavern have rope ladder. We climb and float and fly up to big mud man. Scootch say gal-um. We attack it so it will let us through, is stubborn, but can’t see Skeeter this time. Keeps hitting the wall and making the ladder all sparky. We knock it down, back into mud.

There six ladders at back, we each go up near one. OW!!! All get shot but Scootch. We all go follow Scootch up to a room with glowy ball. Scootch take glowy ball. We go to door on left, and it clicks open. Room full of stuff! Scootch gets another ball, Quint take everything else – table, couch, clothes, laterns, candles, rug. Then we go back to other door.

This room have big chest and sacks. Sacks full of shiny monster poo. Skeeter give baby dragon a red shiny poo again. Ghostface curse baby dragon again, Skeeter stab him again. Quint say chest is trap, says don’t touch or we lose all shiny poo. Scootch pout, but we go on.

Next door have a glowing, green floating skull and arms in it. Uh oh!

Drow Story – or How Spook Became Skeeter

Everybody tired and sick. Margie made too big a dinner, everyone sleepy. Skeeter gettin restless. Tell us a story, they say. How bout drow? Okay, a story of stupid drow.

Drow things wicked and mean. They live in deep dark. Black like they skin, so they blends with the darkness. Outside match inside Mammy once said. No like other bigs, never can see bad on surface whole things. They look all kind and boring, til sword go through your guts. Whole things say we ugly and kill us for no better reason. Stupid drow only kill us if we in the way or make them mad. Stupid drow rather use us.

They came to see Tribe one day, tried to trade for workers. No one want to go with, til they threaten young ones. Group of men go with. Skeeter was still Spook then. Stupid drow not see him. They march for long time. Tribe-friends very noisy, make drow angry, easy to follow shouts and whips.

Drow not take tribe-friends to drow home. Take to big cavern full of spiders. Stone spiders, real spiders, drow spiders, glowing spiders, inky spiders. Spook not like it there, stay by entrance counting spiders. Don’t know words for how many.

Dirty drow take tribe-friends to big stone spider, tie em up and put them on table, like dinner. Spook scared. Drow eat goblins? Or they spider dinner? Too many spiders. Maybe drow fraid of spiders too? Drow lady shouting over table, others lighting fires, heating blades, shouting, too. Tribe-friends start screaming, spiders all get closer, Spook can’t watch.

Spook slip into room, start stabbing smaller spiders in back. Spiders at front too hungry, not notice. Spook keep stabbing, as tribe keep screaming. Why won’t stop screaming? Spook only see blood and death, spiders, drow and tribe. Spinning, whirling, then blackness all around.

Spook wake up, covered in blood. Spider blood. Spook blood. Dirty drow blood. Giant stone spider still overhead. Spook scramble away. Fall over, something wrong. Legs not work right. Can’t find feet. Where? What? Big spider on Spook! Get away, get off! Ow! Nononononono!

Spook wake up, still covered in blood. Don’t move. What happened? Spook flex fingers – works. Roll shoulders – works. Poke belly – works. Flex toes – toes? Not work. Legs? Yes, legs – too many legs. What? How? Spook have spider legs? Spider body under belly, too. Spook a goblin spider now.

Spook wake up, blood all crusted now. Still have spider legs. Gotta get outa here before turn into whole spider. Spook close eyes, fold up all legs, push upright with arms, legs under, slowly unfold legs. Okay, Spook standing. Spook open eyes, ground so far away. No, stay, no sleeping, gotta go. Walk is walk? One side then other? All together as one? Lift one side, Spook fall over. Ow! Try again. Spook fall down lots, but fall forward and out of room slowly. Figure out how to walk before fall all way home.

Spook get home, skin dark as dirty drow, too many legs and spider body. Many tribe run away from Spook. Fishface not scared. He laugh. Stupid Spook, got hisself turned into a spider. You a Skeeter now, Spook. Stupid buggy Skeeter.

Find drow someday, make pay for this, and for Tribe-friends. Stupid, dirty drow.

Stupid Drow and a Baby Dragon!

Margie finally wake up and makes breakfast. Scootch looking more green fuzzy. Quint eager to move on. Gotta be more treasure soon.

Find a big room with glowy moss on walls. Two big pillars and a giant sleepy spider. Ghostface gets all loud and chargy, so it wake up and bite him. One pillar come alive and grab everybody with tentacles. Skeeter stab giant spider real hard and he esplodes. Skeeter do it again and spider esplodes to death. Skeeter don’t like ouchie spider. Tentacles get smashed up finally, too. Other pillar have shinies inside. Yay, treasure! I take blue shiney and a ring.

Next room have little rolling goblin heads with big tongues. They very bouncy and burny. Margie gets swallowed up by one. Another swallows her kid Sheckle. We squash and slice ’em up and get friends back. But Margie’s sleeping again. Quint won’t stop, so we tie her to Bitey-spider and keep goin. Scootch say Bitey-creator made these, too. Stupid drow.

Lots more empty rooms. Find one not so empty. Big red, dead dragon in it. Dead dragon charge noisy Quint and Ghostface. Scootch says somethin wrong with it. We kill it deader anyway. Skeeter wants teeth-daggers, but there’s roaring inside dragon. Skeeter crawl in and find baby dragon tied up all poppet like. Skeeter cut baby dragon out. Skeeter have baby dragon now! Ghostface curse it. Skeeter stab Ghostface. Ghostface curse Skeeter. Skeeter and baby dragon leave Ghostface alone. Yay, baby dragon! Uh-oh, baby dragon start coughing. Careful of sparks! Skeeter put baby dragon in big pouch with blankets to keep safe. What to name baby dragon? Dead dragon have no treasure, but dead dragon is treasure. Scootch say dead dragon made by same stupid drow.

We go on. Find another room. This have big golden throne with shinies. Throne have big black sword lean on it and black visor floating above it. Quint don’t care, run straight for shinies. Cloth on walls, and armor and weapons cover floor. Everything in room stands up, except wall-cloths. So many ghosties. So much screaming! Scootch save us all by making invisible wall to stop half of them, three times. Skeeter not like ghosties, gotta keep baby dragon safe, but we manage  smash them all down.

Everyone half-dead after. More of tribe is coughing, but Skeeter feel better now. Gotta take care of baby dragon, no want green dragon, red is better. Yay, baby Dragon! I call him Burny. Bedtime now.

Traps, Mummies and Kitties, oh My!

Quint keeps sayin there’s treasure, so we go on. Big long hallway, full of traps. Skeeter stop crossbow trap, pit trap (after Scootch fall in, but he fall slow, so save him quick), crossbow trap, pit trap, crossbow trap… oops! That one not so good, but nobody get hurt. Marta tired of traps and make stone walls all down the rest of hall to big door with skull on.

Skull door not open, but big firey bugs get mad anyway and try to sting us whole bunch. Skeeter and Quint back down hall til Margie and Scootch take care of ’em. Marta gets rid of ends of walls, and Skeeter find a secret door, but it locked tight, so smash it in.

Skeeter find two more hid doors, Quint go North. We find dead guy that pillar pointed at yesterday. Quint shout at him: “Hey Dead Guy, what’s your deal? What’s the treasure situation?”  Dead guy says: “You want what is mine, come and see if you can take it.” Quint shout back at tribe: “He has treasure! He just admitted it!” We attack dead guy.

Dead guy gets scared and runs back through hid door to other hid door to hide behind bunch of skellies. But we smash them all up good. Marta don’t feel so good after, but they have so much treasure! Skeeter gets pretty new armor and cloak, makes faster and sneakier on the walls.

Next we find basket full of kittens. No one wants to cuddle Scootch, so he cuddles kitties. Ghostface doesn’t like kitties, curses at them and they all scream so loud. Shut ’em up, Scootch! But he can’t and they explode. Mama kitty comes roaring down the hallway. She’s so cold! But we smash her, too. Margie falls down though and won’t get up. Guess she finally tired. We drag her to a room and take a nap.