Melanie Intro Edit

Melanie downed another pint of ale. She had lost count an hour ago, but she could still lift the mug, so it must not be enough, yet. She raised the empty cup and waved it at the bartender.

“Keep ‘er comin, Sssham. I can sshtill see yer ugly facsh.”

“Now Mel, Maybe you should slow down…”

“Duncha, ‘ow Mel, me Sssham. I ain’ta schlow down til I fall down. Gimme a-other.”

Sam sighed heavily, and snagged the mug from her wavering hand. He pulled it down below the bar and filled it half full of water before bringing it up to the tap to fill the rest with ale. He wiped the bar clean in front of her with one hand and set the mug down with the other, as she slid him another sliver.

“Thankee Sham. Yera goo fend.” She lifted the mug to her lips and downed it in one long draw. “I show downow.” She tried to stand up and stumbled to the floor. “Hey! Who tipped me? Wha…” She sat confused, leaning against her stool.

“Sera? If you would?” Sam called to one of the wait staff.

They came over and slipped an arm around Melanie’s waist and pulled her to her feet. “Come on, Mel, let me take you to your room.”

“Yer sho nicsh, Shera. How you get downs here?”

“Don’t you worry, Mel, it’s bedtime now.”

“You gon tuck me in?”

“Of course, Mel.” Sera smirked over at Sam.

“Sham…” Mel groggily waved to the bartender, “Sera’s a good’n, give ‘em a raish.”

Sam just smiled and waved Sera onward. They are a good one indeed, earning the most tips of any of the wait staff in the Winking Bear and dealing with drunk with more ease than Sam has ever seen.