Rogues and Assassins

A couple of them went for a swim after the battle, I didn’t know that was allowed. I wonder what they’re looking for. Doesn’t look like they found anything, though. Headed back to the Chateau. Uppity wizards, all of them. Wanting all the power below for themselves.

And off again, this time to the Temple of the Mentor. Are they playing both sides? At least their library is public, sort of. At least in Rexxentruum you can go and read books if you’re escorted. But they’re heading upstairs. Better stay out of sight. I’ll have to hand off soon, the others will be missing me. Must not be important, they’re sitting down for lunch now. They’re never interesting during the day.


What in the Nine Hells are they doing? Climbing trees? I can see them, how the Hand doesn’t, I don’t even know. Light, why does he always stay so close to everyone else? Ashann has arrived, and they’re still just staying in the trees. And she’s leaving. They aren’t following, are they just going to break… yep, just going to break in. Alright then.

Oh, now they want to chase the little gnome, serve her right being so obvious about Consortium business. She’s long gone, but they start strolling after, talking to everyone they pass. By the Luxon, how do they ever get anything done? The Luck’s Run? Who in their right might would organize out of so public a building?

Well, those three weren’t very circumspect either, led them right to the First Eclipse. I really should have a talk with leadership about subtlety. Now they’ve broken into a room, but once again they leave empty-handed. Well, at least we can be sure they aren’t going to be joining the Soul any time soon.

Is… is he really? Is he really wandering the city with just the autognome for company? I wonder where the rest of them got off to. Folge told me this afternoon, but I didn’t believe her. How could he be so careless this far from home? How indeed. Back to the Chateau, and the Schoolhouse, and the Chateau. Must be securing their place with the Allegiance. Good.

Back to the Bazaar. Perfect! Just down this alley. Now!

Dammit. Well, at least I got the metal gnome down.

Dammit. The Hand!

Another time Kai’Osh, I’ll see you another time.


Of Spies and Gambling

Headmaster Cryon,

Those Noble Fragment folk were back at the Chateau again this evening. You didn’t tell me they were coming, so I thought to keep an eye on them. They were quite interested in a young man in the Alcove across the street. Following him in at first, but then coming out and spying in through his window. One of the young men teleported up into a tree to do so. I’m not sure why they didn’t just go knock on the poor fellow’s door.

Most of them went to the Frog and Kebab after a while, but they came back eventually and broke in through his window. When they came out again, I sent one of the other guards to follow them at a discreet distance. The went to the Temple of the Mentor, I guess the librarians were interested in the man. A little while later, a couple of the monks, and some of the Hand came and took him away.

Just thought you should know,

~ Gatekeeper Raashid

Huntsmaster Cyndrial,

Just a quick note. The Fragments did manage to concoct a solution to save the miners. Keencutter was appreciative, and he has agreed that repayment and this resolution is sufficient. He will not speak ill of the Take. Though there was apparently some argument about trying to save to other people who had been food for the medusa for some centuries. This is an interesting bunch Rajot found.

~Huntsmaster Dayai

They came to the casino tonight. While we were working a job. He was there, with only half the group. It would have been so easy. The others were busy gambling, I could have taken him. He didn’t even see me lurking there, watching him. But too much risk, too many eyes, the others would have seen. I have to be patient. We’re far enough from home, now. He will pay the same price as my brother. I will have my vengeance.


Tricks, Traps, and Talks

Huntsmaster Cyndrial,

They did well against the sorrowsworn, though Pristess Janan tells me they left an illusory dragon down in the crypt, and dead bodies on the road outside. Bodes of the sorrowsworn, I mean, of course. Six of them! Instead of the three we were contracted for. Quite efficient, these Noble Fragments, not afraid to do extra work. They were talking about selling the extra spikes to a local blacksmith.

They were gone a long time for that job, and I got worried, but it turned out that they went for the medusa without coming back to check in first! Huntsmaster, they Talked to it! The convinced it to leave town, and some of the guards saw them escorting it into the desert! I don’t know how they did it, and I’m not sure I want to. I’m afraid we’ll be getting another job to go kill it in the future. Meantime, I gave Master Keencutter his money back. The little blue-haired one says she can fix his men, and he said that would be enough.

They’ve run off now, to go do things for the friends that brought them to town. I’ll have to be more careful about what jobs I tell them about.

~ Hunstmaster Dayai

The others are shopping around the bazaar today, but I caught sight of them and slipped away. Folge saw me, I think, but she won’t say anything. She’s on my side. Ayo doesn’t have the stomach for leadership, might have to see her removed. Irvan and Galsariad would leave her. Dermot and Maggie might be a problem. Later though, they are all useful for now. We have to learn more about this new power source.

They went into the Bone Garden and just a few minutes later, a giant red marble elephant came charging out! They destroyed it pretty quickly, and it changed back into a tiny figurine. Amateurs, must have not been careful when they picked it up. The Consortium might be interested in that little figure. Followed them back to the Chateau, I’ll report back on that professor, maybe we can get it from her later.

Oh here comes that coward from the Library. She wants them to meet with her superior. Filthy spies, the lot of them. I’ll keep following for now, best to know what they’re up to. I’ll never get him alone if I don’t stick on their tail.


The Jewel of Hope

The Noble Fragments, having awakened the Jewel of Three Prayers and escorted me into and out of the Betrayer’s Rise, are now ready to return home with me to Ank’Harel. Bringing the Jewel of Three Prayers to The Jewel of Hope. Headmaster Alakritos will be so proud! Headmaster Cryon might even smile, maybe, if put in the proper light. I have filled Question in on all the goings on, and let the Dynasty mages know what we found, as far as the rift, anyway, and some of the horrible rooms and monsters. They were grateful, though perhaps more grateful that I was leaving. I’m afraid I wasn’t terribly helpful to them, and they knew my presence was more of a ruse.

Oh, to be home again, and away from this awful cold, dreary weather. The marble of the Chateau was a welcome sight. Straight to the Schoolhouse to let Headmaster Alakritos know, and he welcomed us all into his home. Tea, coffee, and baklava. Oh, how I’ve missed the coffee here. Xhorhas, for all it’s darkness, has the weakest roasts! The Fragments, usually verbose, were quite light on the details when they told the story. Left out Aloysia trying to kill them and everything. It got brought up later, fortunately, and the Headmaster is quite interested in finding out why. I think the whole meeting went well. He invited them to join us in our search for the truth about Cael Marrow. Perhaps we’ll be able to stop the CoVD, after all.

I took them around the city a bit then. Question gave them a map when they first arrived, but it’s not labeled very well, and this city is a bit maze-like. Down to the Suncut Bazaar, of course, they had shopping they wished to do. New city, full of wonders, what else do young folk like this want, but to taste the local wares. I told them to meet me later at The Frog and Kabab if they needed a place to stay, but I had to go file my official report. They seemed safe enough, and they can take care of themselves. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

~Prolix Yusaf, AoA

Huntsmaster Cyndrial –

The Noble Fragments, Slayers from Xhorhas, arrived today. I sent word to Rajot to let him know, but I felt I should give you a full report. My slayers, as you know, are all out of the city right now, fighting fantastic creatures. This group of colorful characters are all very polite and hardworking to boot! They took their rest, but were quite eager to head out first thing in the morning to face two Rot Trolls that got loose in a local fighting arena. They came right back, as fast as you wish, dragging the trolls’ heads behind them! Rajot should be commended for such skillful members. I’m sure you know that, I didn’t mean to tell you what to do. It just seemed like the thing to say, he always does such a good job.

I do have a concern, though. One of the other city contracts is for a medusa that has turned several miners to stone. Kai’Osh, the drow – though he looks a bit big for a drow, seems to want to talk with it, negotiate. But the contract is already paid, and the client wants it dead! It’s in a mausoleum right in the middle of his strip mining operation. I think I should just not offer them that contract again. I can’t have them taking a contract and then not completing it! Please advise, right now they’re out on a Sorrowsworn contract, but I’m sure they’ll be back by the afternoon.

~Huntsmaster Lyra Dayai