Fresh Air

It’s very bright, and yellow here. Strange place to be summoned, and an even stranger Master. But I like the nest on his head, if a little spikey.

Off to go speak with this excited young demon’s masters. It seems very excited that the group got rid of some corruption from the city. Cobalt Soul, the young Master calls them. I like him, this old man who derides his other underling, but is nice to the excited demon. He gives them all shinies in bags. Says they’d be happy to meet rescued folks and chat with them. The dark one wanders off to go look for something big and shiny.

A young boy waiting, to take them to the big beautiful building in the center of the city. Don’t mind me tagging along. There’s a big beast up in the sky that seems to be tailing us. Master says it’s fine.

Ja’mon sa Ord. He’s a big guy. Quiet, kind. He gives them lots of shinies in a magic box. Wonder if Master will let me have some for my nest. The dark one is more interested in papers than shinies, can I have his?

Oh. Guess we’re giving the the shinies away for bigger shinies. We go all over the city trading small for big. The dark one is a good talker and makes the shop people take less shinies for their stuff.

The dark one and the red one are all excited about dead people, or murders? Their murders? I don’t get it, but the tall man really doesn’t like it and left. I think I’ll eat some of Master’s dinner and go to sleep.

A lazy morning, and now we’re running through a magic circle. Oh, it’s dark here, but the men with pointy sticks know the dark one. So, we go outside, but it’s still dark here. Dark but lit up with lots of green lights. He takes us to a fancy building and Master gets his own room and they give us lots of food. It’s a nice place here. Much better than the dry sandy place.

We sit around for a couple days, then we go to the big dark building and into a very bright room. They make a man appear on the altar, and everyone is really happy and give him clothes and things. Then we go meet the dark one’s little green mother.

Now, we’re off again to a dirty place, full of smells and animals. Master takes me to meet a dragon lady and drinks stuff that give him horns and no reflection. He doesn’t like that and she makes it all go away. But he gets more drinks from her before we leave.

Now we’re guarding a shiny building. Master says it’s because the tall man is scared of people coming to get him. We guard it for days before he finally comes out again. He looks better, if still scared.

Where are we going next? They have lots of ideas, I think I’ll take another nap while they decide. This nest is turning out quite nice.

~Juxua, the crow

Candy and Cultists

They were gone such a long time, I should have followed them. Hard to do when your quarry is literally hunting. Just be patient, she tells me, it’s just a hunt, can’t follow them in the wastes, can I? But they all made it back, the whole blasted pack of them.

Shopping again. What IS their fascination with that strange little man and his junk shop? I was in there once, and he has a ring that will literally Kill You if you get knocked out. Ilse thinks it’s a good idea, but No Way, I’m not dying just because I trip and hit my head after a night out drinking in this godsforsaken waste.

The little traitors are really on a shopping roll today, but everyone else is arguing about taking a group name! For Hours! They argued about it All Over Town! Seven Seekers, WOLVERINE, Folly’s Hammer, The Bold and the Beautiful??? The littlest traitor keeps shooting down every idea they have. The tall fancy drow wants something his mother would be proud to hear. Ugh! Jonas seems stuck on WOLVERINE for some reason. It’s definitely capitalized by the way he’s saying it. No one else likes it though, thank the gods. Noble Fragments? Well they certainly have a fragmenting noble with them. That’ll make writing reports easier at least.

Finally back in for the night, wish I could get inside. Oh, the littlest traitor is out to the stables, maybe she’ll have something interesting. No, just some sick little gobbo. Good! She’s getting the metal one, can automatons be traitors? They usually just have programming. Maybe we could fix it. Kid seems better though, off and running, and everyone’s in for the night. Or not. The local boy’s off to his brothers’ for the night, asks them about sick kids – poison. Well, now that’s interesting.

The little traitors are up and out early today, best wait for Jonas. He’s with the drow and the waste girl today. They go to talk to the priests and some healers, asking about the kid, or is it kids? Poison again, visions of horrible tentacle monsters. Well, that’s just creepy. Down to the Creets and now they’re talking to children. Taking candy from strangers? Who Does that? Now they’re talking to an old Hag fortune teller. I can’t really hear her, thick mud walls and all. The rest of the folk arrive and he fills them in – an old gnoll preacher who is here on weekends. Well, I guess that’s why they take it. Local boy wants to go to the guard and heads off, but everyone else just goes back home. Well, except the littlest traitor – she’s down with the Crazy Harpy. Not really a harpy, I think she’s a Draconian survivor, actually.

So boring over the next few days. They stay home and train or read or whatever the hell they do inside there. Until it’s finally the weekend. I almost missed them Saturday. Up so early and heading right back for the Luxon’s Favor. Hiding around the space. The little traitors turning into gobbo folk, the autognome heading in to have his fortune read. Jonas and the Drow wait in a side street while the other locals hide up in the alleys.

Here comes their target – a ragged old gnoll, tattered robed, sundered chain shirt, a drooling mess. “A Vision to Change the World, A Purpose for Everyone” and “Destruction is coming, stand safe with Them” “Through Unification we can live forever” and “Some who wander, Are lost. We can help you find your way.” You can tell this is the extent of his common, clearly memorized sounds not words. Jonas and the Drow approach him and he hands them flyers. The silly sot tries to talk to him, but he has no clue what he’s saying. Seems to understand the preacher at least, if not able to speak his language. Looks like a lot of growling and spittle from here, but he stands it. Jonas just stares uncomprehending. Why am I even following this simpleton? “No, I don’t want to eat the children.” Wait, what? What are they talking about. Oh, he’s trying to figure out how to join this guy’s cult. It doesn’t seem to be going well. The gnoll gives him a bunch of candy, though, and they walk away.

Guards? They were waiting on guards? This guy is poisoning kids and recruiting to some weird cult and they’re talking to guards? Ugh! I’d kill him myself if we were home. Look, see, he’s running now. What did you think was going to happen? Jonas is FLYING? What? How? OH! Ouch! Headfirst into a mud hut. Moron, I tell you. Oh, well, the locals caught him at least, beat him up good, but he looks like he’s still breathing. Shame. They’ll probably kill him anyway, all legal like.

Oh! What’s this? The littlest traitor has a price on her head? 100g? Eh, not really worth it unless she goes wandering down to the Harpy on her own again. Easy money. Damn, the drow noticed, now they’ll probably keep a closer eye on her. Oh well, stay on mission. Watch the traitor and Report.


An Old Friend

It was so good to see Jonas, but I worry about the boy. On the run from his own family? That’s no way to live. Well, he’s Take family now, and glad to see he’s doing so well here. He has quite the group around him, too. Warriors, a decent bard, even a set of strange gnomish folk. Never seen the like myself.

Mother Sagku says they are progressing nicely, Jonas is turning to the light, too. Perhaps that will help him. I cannot believe those Assembly bastards tried to force Echo magic on him. With no proper training! I hope Jumzah can guide him more appropriately.

They sure are making a reputation around town. I saw Gnamboll taking them excitedly below, I hope they’re careful what they buy down there. Most of the previous owners of Gnamboll’s things ended up worse for wear if not dead. I visited Shaksa, and she mentioned they’d been by there, as well. Shaksa’s potions are always an interesting time, hopefully they got the good ones. Rajot said Shak’Nul wants to make a deal with the Ugly Anvil for a discount, but I don’t know if Rajot’s greed or paranoia will allow it.

And off they’ve flown after some Shadow Mastiffs this time. I hope they come back safe.

~Slayer Patrin Yarastin VaSuun

Slayers of the Take

There was a lot of them today. Never seen so many Empire folk in one day! Three gnomes and a raggedy boy. Well, two gnomes, I suppose. One of them was made of metal, so maybe that doesn’t count so much. That Shak’Nul looks like trouble, didn’t want to give up his bow. Mother Sakgu said he performed well in battle, though. Hafta keep an eye on him.

Speaking of eyes, Kai’Osh is here. Youngest son of the Mirimm Umavi, and arrogant as the day is bright. He better not go blabbing our secrets. He did run his mouth and offer his services to the entire lunch crowd. Plays a nice drum, though. Maybe he’ll get along alright. Sevonius will hear from me if he doesn’t.

The boy, Jonas, not so young, I guess, but timid. He’s strange, even for a Zemnian. Left his whole pack in the weapons box – rope, bedroll, and waterskin! Maybe he’s just that dangerous? Mother did say he cut a Core Spawn Crawler right in half with that big sword of his.

At least Reebo sent me a decent hunter. Urzutha looks like she can handle herself. Sounds like she’s quite deadly with that crossbow of hers, too! Quiet, but steady. Nice dog. He didn’t mess anywhere in my Take.

Those gnomes, though, and whatever that metal one is. The blue-haired girl makes toys! What good is that going to do? Mother says she ran right into trouble, too, without a care for caution. The little green one… who knew that gnomes were green? At least he sounds competent, or willing to kill. He’s a bit creepy, though. The metal one’s a preacher, could be a problem if he asks the wrong person about their faith.

Whatever they all are, they killed up some Core Spawn and carved ’em up clean. Osysa approved and they all made it back branded. We’ll see how long they stick around.

~Huntsmaster Rajot

A New Adventure

This is my first time running a D&D game, so I’ll start with my Campaign Introduction:

The Campaign: Monsters swim the seas. Mines are swarmed from below. Even far off Xhorhas is plagued by outsiders from Blightshore. The Betrayer Gods are restless in their exile, and trouble stirs across Exandria. The Heroes of the recent past may have staved off world-ending destruction, but the tremors of their battles may have woken more dangerous beings, who reach out to hero and villain alike. 

The World: In the twenty years since a treaty was signed on the Lucidian Ocean, the peace between the Empire and the Dynasty persists, albeit only on the surface. In the wake of this now hidden turmoil across Wildemount, with strange elemental rumors out of Tal’Dorei, and ever increasing threats to civilized lands everywhere, the Slayers’ Take, a guild of monster hunters and harvesters for hire, has expanded from Vasselheim to all across Exandria. Small Chapter Houses have cropped up in Westruun (Tal’Dorei), Port Damali (Menagerie Coast), Hupperdook (Dwendalian Empire), Ank’Harel (Marquet), and even a small, secretive chapter in Asarius (Xhorhas). Adventurers from all over flock to the Take to prove their mettle and make a living. 

The Party: The troubles of the wider world will come soon enough, today you are all hopeful Adventurers, come join to the Asarius branch of the Slayers’ Take. Together, or individually, you all happened to arrive on this day to start your journey, and for good, or ill, to make a name for yourselves, and hopefully, a little coin. Some have been sent to investigate the rumors of trouble, others simply came seeking adventure, fortune, and fame. Others may be seeking missing friends, or be looking for payback against monsters or beasts who attacked their homes or villages. Whatever the case, today you take the first step on your new journey.