Rescue Party

The minotaur goat monster resists all my spells, but between Remy’s shooting, Klyce turning into a giant ape, and some other folk getting through with their spells, we manage to put him down. Klyce rips the shard out of his forehead. When Nat puts the two shards together, they vibrate, but don’t quite match each other. The new on gives the same visions as the first, but the ones we have found no longer appear. The glacier still does, though, which is upsetting.

Then everyone gets obsessed with the hole the monster came out of. It’s covered in mucus and there’s a pool of it in the bottom. So gross! Nat climbs down on a rope. The liquid rusts her crowbar immediately, and burns her hand. I insist Klyce pull her back up immediately before she jumps in. So, instead, she sends an arcane eye down and moves it around until she finds something, then goes down to grab it. As soon as she’s up, I teleport everyone back home before she can go back down again.

Upon arrival, the guys look at what she found, and discover it’s a stone so soaked in the acid that it now can absorb acid damage to the user. We take a rest and I try to send to Locke in the morning. Still no response. Nat tries scrying on them while the rest of us discuss if we should go find them or go find the last known shard first. She is able to find them under the glacier down south. The whole cave is full of viscous tarry muck. In a small circular chamber, she can see Shelly suspended, encased in yellow/black hard mucus.

Well, that seems bad enough, we’ve got to get down there as soon as possible. They aren’t dead, but who knows for how long. So, we head out to the shops and get cold weather gear and food for the journey. Nat has scryed, so she can teleport us down, but from there, we don’t know how long or how cold it will be.

We head down and are immediately assaulted by sleet, hail, cold and wet. I toss up some weather control to put the worse away from us. Nat pulls out the mirror bits and leads us on, down into a steep crevice to the bottom. It is covered in an oily layer that burns my staff end. Klyce reminds us we have climbing gear and boot spikes, so we put those on and keep following our path.

The ice closes over our heads, and folk throw up their lights. We trek for hours down these icy, oily caves. Until it finally opened up into a small cave coated on every surface with this acidic oil. It’s thicker here, and seems to be flowing back up the way we came.

Then eight goopy, black masses drop from the ceiling and begin attacking us, melting off Nat’s clothes again. I manage a thunderstep away from the one attacking me. But my lighting again is useless, and I can’t manage to cast anything offensive. I do manage some healing spells for folk. Klyce manages to finish off the last one, and we hurry out of there.

Into a much bigger cavern with some worked steps and a dias. We are looking over a full on river of sludge this time. It’s a bit warmer down this far, and Nat says it looks familiar.