Crabs and Jellyfish

They almost killed each other, but then stopped. Talking and talking, endlessly talking. And parted ways, swam away from the angry one with the metal man. I like her, she listens to me, but now she’s leaving again.

Found some of the lost ones. I think I used to know them. They only want to be remembered. I remember you my friends. And the thieves stole them from me, too. And their history, put in a bag and taken away. These bodies are stealing everything I have left.

My crab friends will show them the price of stealing. Blood, death, destruction. Yet they survive again! I will have to meet these bodies soon. That Voice! My Voice! How did they find my Voice?! No! No one remembers. Forgotten! I gave everything!

They retreat now, back to the dry space. More thieves arrive, to take back their dry spaces, to fix their toys. I want to eat them! No, not yet, not yet. They must not know me yet. I must rest, the other interlopers tasted good, I must rest as they rest.

The dry space is nearly restored now. They swim up to the villa on the hill. A surprise waits them there. The others did not fair so well. But they are sneaky, careful. Death does not catch them, sorrow harries them, but they avoid the Embrace. Soon. I will go to them soon.


They Have Come

New bodies. They think themselves heroes. Coming to my home. Swimming in my waters. Attacking my pets.

Walking the paths of the thieves. Stealing from them. Artifacts that do not belong to them. Searching my ruined city for more things to steal. A map. You don’t need a map down here, it is all open. Ungrateful wretches! They don’t even know what I have done for them.

They stole Olara! My friend. She was so kind, caring for all those left behind. And they stole her! Took her back to the thieves in their dry place. Kicked me out of her mind. She Is My Friend!

I broke their toy, took back some of the dry places. They attacked my sharks! My sweet sharks were just hungry, trying to play. They killed them! My lovely sharks!

Blood rises from the tower. It used to have books, but only blood now. The sorrowfish will punish them. So much blood, but the new bodies do not die. They slaughter the sorrow, slaughter the fish by the dozens.

I must meet these new bodies, maybe they will set me free. Free from this place!


Trouble in the Allegiance

Prolix looked very unhappy when we went to see the Fragments today. Something must be wrong at the AoA, they spent the entire day running back and forth between the Take and the Sigil district. First they visited the Omnival Library. The Bookkeeper said they were looking at excavation records. Are they going down there? We’ve got to get there first. I’ll have to report this up to the Consortium folk. Oh, no, they’re just going back to the Take.

Leaving again so soon? Is Prolix still inside there? Is he Drunk? Back across town to the Schoolhouse. Harder to blend in here, but they’re very focused on something. The Archeaology department? They Must be getting ready to go below. Wish I could get closer. And now they’re going back to the Take again. Talking about evidence, and a professor and the headmaster. I really should learn to read lips.

They’re up early the next day, almost missed them leaving. Back to those archeaology professors. Then down to the Headmaster. A commotion. He’s sending guards after someone? Trouble. The Consortium will definitely be interested in this. Chal’Nas should be here, where is that man? They’re just going to the library again, I’m following the guards.

To the other Headmaster at the Chateau, Professor Lymmle! They go to arrest her, and she is Not happy, but that sour man puts her down easily. Best not get in his way. I’ve got to get back and report, if they’re arresting her, she was probably working for us.


Rogues and Assassins

A couple of them went for a swim after the battle, I didn’t know that was allowed. I wonder what they’re looking for. Doesn’t look like they found anything, though. Headed back to the Chateau. Uppity wizards, all of them. Wanting all the power below for themselves.

And off again, this time to the Temple of the Mentor. Are they playing both sides? At least their library is public, sort of. At least in Rexxentruum you can go and read books if you’re escorted. But they’re heading upstairs. Better stay out of sight. I’ll have to hand off soon, the others will be missing me. Must not be important, they’re sitting down for lunch now. They’re never interesting during the day.


What in the Nine Hells are they doing? Climbing trees? I can see them, how the Hand doesn’t, I don’t even know. Light, why does he always stay so close to everyone else? Ashann has arrived, and they’re still just staying in the trees. And she’s leaving. They aren’t following, are they just going to break… yep, just going to break in. Alright then.

Oh, now they want to chase the little gnome, serve her right being so obvious about Consortium business. She’s long gone, but they start strolling after, talking to everyone they pass. By the Luxon, how do they ever get anything done? The Luck’s Run? Who in their right might would organize out of so public a building?

Well, those three weren’t very circumspect either, led them right to the First Eclipse. I really should have a talk with leadership about subtlety. Now they’ve broken into a room, but once again they leave empty-handed. Well, at least we can be sure they aren’t going to be joining the Soul any time soon.

Is… is he really? Is he really wandering the city with just the autognome for company? I wonder where the rest of them got off to. Folge told me this afternoon, but I didn’t believe her. How could he be so careless this far from home? How indeed. Back to the Chateau, and the Schoolhouse, and the Chateau. Must be securing their place with the Allegiance. Good.

Back to the Bazaar. Perfect! Just down this alley. Now!

Dammit. Well, at least I got the metal gnome down.

Dammit. The Hand!

Another time Kai’Osh, I’ll see you another time.


Traipsing and Trouble

They were gone for days, out hunting something or other, when I got a Sending from Master Beck. I’d been searching for my book. I really had been. But They have it! The filthy drow found it in a shop! I bet it was that Bone Garden girl, she didn’t even know what she had. I was going to check there next, I swear! In trouble, again, and a new mission. A much harder mission to earn forgiveness. Maybe Chal’Nas has the right of things.

Finally back in town, and all they do all day is run around shopping! To the Bone Garden, and Nezzie’s Necklaces, Cindra’s Clocks, Brazen Bags, the Sandcut Bizarre jewelry shop, and even Mystical Pursuits. Then off to the Ridge for the Sunfire forge and The Quiver and Chain. Back down they come to the Sand-Herald district for Lord Percy’s Haberdashery and Captain Fjord’s Footwear. I’m surprised they don’t go into Around Exandria in 80 Dresses, to be honest. They’ve gone just about everywhere else today! Where did they get all this gold? Is killing monsters for the Take that profitable? The Consortium pays alright, but these folks are loaded.

Wait. What are they doing going to our inn? That little goblin must have sent them a message. There he is, with Ayo and Maggie. Look at him so happy to see the Fragments, telling them everything about our dealings down here. So naïve. At least Ayo knows to keep her mouth shut. Now the traitor is leaving alone. Remember the mission, at least for now. Just follow. A date? He’s going on a date with a priestess of Ravens? Maybe they did break his head a bit more than they thought. Oh gods, elven poetry. They didn’t even go to one of the good performances.

Oh thank gods, they’re doing something interesting today. Heading to the Life Dome for whatever reason, at least it’s not shopping. What was that?! They all just got blasted by water out of the lake! What are they fighting? The filthy drow just faerie fired them and I still can’t tell. Elementals, it must be. And they’re all fine. Of course they are. Couldn’t just cull the herd a little bit, could you? Blasted incompetent elementals.