Healing, Research and Betrayal

While Dalish and Gerhardt research the stone, Remy and I take a look at Mrs. Young. He can see the physical ailments caused by the curse, but to me, she just feels Green. Green like that awful place where we found her. The fae have a strong hold, still. Nat takes a deeper dive into her head. She says that the trauma is buried deep down, and the potion is only layering bandages over it, higher and higher. It might collapse at any moment. Dalish comes up from research to say it all seems very much like Garion’s research, but with people instead of the fae creatures, and a lot messier. Nat dives deeper and finds a green miasma all woven in with the trauma – the curse. Exhausted, we all go to sleep, most of us in the warded room with the Youngs, but Remy takes Aranea to a private room, as does Klyce with Philomena.

We wake in the night, wrapped in bands of iron. Chirina running out of the room holding the research and the stone. I send in various directions until I find Remy, to let him now. Nat breaks her bonds and teleports out the window Chirina used to chase her. Gerhardt, Dalish, and I struggle with our bond to no avail. Gerhardt does manage to dispell his, eventually, and ends up with a small metal ball. By the time Nat and Remy get back, Klyce has arrived and is able to break Dalish free. I want to keep mine, so I convince them to let me be until someone has a dispell in the morning. We all go back to sleep after a quick check on the household, which has a few dead from a multi-front attack.

In the morning, after Gerhardt dispells the bands on me, we have a deeper conversation. Who were the other attackers? Why did Chirina mention an international incident? What do we do now? Do we chase her or just go home? We have to fix Mrs. Young, and we have to get home. They did manage to capture on of the attackers, so if we talk to him, maybe we’ll figure out if the chase is worth the trouble. We decide to start there and get our host to translate for us.

The guy’s name is Antonio, and last night, he was drinking in Palermo. Five shadowy guys hired him and his buddies to come and make a ruckus with them. He doesn’t know who they were, or who they represented, they just gave them money to do a job. Didn’t even tell them it was the Magia they were attacking. This guy is useless, so we let the Magia take him away.

Okay, we have no leads, let’s see if we can remove the curse from Mrs. Young. Nat offers her some of the special tea, and they drink while I begin praying to the Dawnmother. As they slip into the mind-sharing trance, Gerhardt casts Remove Curse. Nat guides the magic down into her mind. As I watch, green goo starts dripping out of her ear, just like the worms. I guess it actually worked, but she doesn’t wake up with Nat does.

With that done, we take up the arguement again. Go after Chirina, or just go home.