Family History

Our Marybeth casts a message to her Mother, and it looks like a few message are exchanged before she tells us to wait and walks right over. We all stop at across the street from the cafe. Waiting and watching, but we can’t see much and can hear even less. The conversation does not look friendly, however. Then, suddenly, her mother screams and attacks the false Marybeth. “You should have stayed dead when I poisoned you!” We all hurry over as Marybeth pulls her mom away and the other Marybeth leaves. Dalish pays the tab for the unfinished meal, and we escort Marybeth and her mother to a park to talk. We all stay out of this conversation, as well, and shadow them when Marybeth walks her mother home.

When her mother is all safe and sound, we all gather around to find out what happened. It was her grandfather, of course, that weird part of him that came back when she did. We immediately begin offering to kill him, banish him, trap his soul, whatever she might want or need. Then we have a quick conversation about how he knew to be there. Marybeth is worried that he can hear her messages, that he is now tied to her magic, or she to his. Nat offers to try and dig into her head and break the connection, but Marybeth says it’s too dangerous. We go back and forth on this a bit, because we risk our lives for each other all the time. But we decide it might be best to let it rest and go get some lunch.

We all meet up with Klyce at the gate to the school that afternoon. They all head in, I don’t even try, but Remy does, and gets blocked. We can see the groundskeeper and some servires meeting the group and asking their business. Then they come down to the gate to talk to us. Remy explains that we’ve only come to help Klyce’s little sister, Patty. He asks us to promise not to break any rules. Remy says he promises not to unless it is to save a life. I promise not to break any rules on this visit. He gives Remy permission to enter for the foreseeable future, and me permission to enter just today, just for the stated purpose of this visit. Fine with me. Servires fall into step behind us. Not so fine…

We catch up to the others on the way to the infirmary, and find James there, but no Raltus. James greets us friendly enough, but quickly makes excuses to get right out of there. Remy goes over to take a look at Patty. She’s still asleep, and she hasn’t aged a day. Alok says it’s a slumber curse, and she can only be awakened by true love’s kiss. She’s just a little girl! Don’t be so literal. Klyce, do you love your sister? He goes and kisses her cheek, and she wakes up. Confused about where she is and what happened. Klyce whisks her, and us, down to the dining hall for some ice cream to soften the blow of having been asleep for a few years. Remy runs up to leave a note for Raltus as we all head back to the bakery to take Patty home. Their mother is overjoyed to see her little girl again, and Phil is happy to finally meet her. He suggests a celebratory dinner, and Klyce heads out with him to go pick up steaks. Even Elizabeth comes home for dinner and everyone is quite happy to be a family again. Even Klyce seems to be more relaxed now.

Klyce stays with his now complete family, and Dalish to guard the door, while I take everyone else back to my place to sleep. We have a bit of spiced rum, and then the girls all retire to one room while the boys take individual rooms. Boys never have to worry, it’s not fair. Marybeth says she smelled sulfer at Klyce’s and Nat asks her to say something next time, so she can look for extra minds in the area. Marybeth is really worried about her grandfather knowing everything she knows. We try to comfort her. Nat says we’re going to kill him, and that’s all he needs to know. You’re strong, Marybeth, and we’ve got your back. We all settle in to sleep, but Nat says she’s going to stay up for a bit to think.

Next thing I know, there’s screaming and I’m very cold. Jumping out of bed, I see two icy monsters and one big pigish monster. The icy things freeze over the walls and door of my room. They’re really strong and really big. The boys finally pop in to help with the fight, but when Marybeth falls, I pop her and myself right out. There’s a voice in my head then, “There is nowhere you can go. We only want her.” No, you can’t have her, she mine.” “No, she’s not.” They must have killed it shortly after that, because it stopped talking. I didn’t mean to say she’s mine, just… my friend. But it doesn’t matter, they can’t have her. No matter what.

Gerhardt comes out of the room when they finish and the ice all dissapates. He tends to Marybeth’s wounds and wakes her up. I send to Dalish, who doesn’t need to sleep anymore, about what happened. He offers to come over and help. We talk it over a bit, then ask him to come make a hut for us, and when he arrives, we camp out in the living room.