Stupid Drow and a Baby Dragon!

Margie finally wake up and makes breakfast. Scootch looking more green fuzzy. Quint eager to move on. Gotta be more treasure soon.

Find a big room with glowy moss on walls. Two big pillars and a giant sleepy spider. Ghostface gets all loud and chargy, so it wake up and bite him. One pillar come alive and grab everybody with tentacles. Skeeter stab giant spider real hard and he esplodes. Skeeter do it again and spider esplodes to death. Skeeter don’t like ouchie spider. Tentacles get smashed up finally, too. Other pillar have shinies inside. Yay, treasure! I take blue shiney and a ring.

Next room have little rolling goblin heads with big tongues. They very bouncy and burny. Margie gets swallowed up by one. Another swallows her kid Sheckle. We squash and slice ’em up and get friends back. But Margie’s sleeping again. Quint won’t stop, so we tie her to Bitey-spider and keep goin. Scootch say Bitey-creator made these, too. Stupid drow.

Lots more empty rooms. Find one not so empty. Big red, dead dragon in it. Dead dragon charge noisy Quint and Ghostface. Scootch says somethin wrong with it. We kill it deader anyway. Skeeter wants teeth-daggers, but there’s roaring inside dragon. Skeeter crawl in and find baby dragon tied up all poppet like. Skeeter cut baby dragon out. Skeeter have baby dragon now! Ghostface curse it. Skeeter stab Ghostface. Ghostface curse Skeeter. Skeeter and baby dragon leave Ghostface alone. Yay, baby dragon! Uh-oh, baby dragon start coughing. Careful of sparks! Skeeter put baby dragon in big pouch with blankets to keep safe. What to name baby dragon? Dead dragon have no treasure, but dead dragon is treasure. Scootch say dead dragon made by same stupid drow.

We go on. Find another room. This have big golden throne with shinies. Throne have big black sword lean on it and black visor floating above it. Quint don’t care, run straight for shinies. Cloth on walls, and armor and weapons cover floor. Everything in room stands up, except wall-cloths. So many ghosties. So much screaming! Scootch save us all by making invisible wall to stop half of them, three times. Skeeter not like ghosties, gotta keep baby dragon safe, but we manage  smash them all down.

Everyone half-dead after. More of tribe is coughing, but Skeeter feel better now. Gotta take care of baby dragon, no want green dragon, red is better. Yay, baby Dragon! I call him Burny. Bedtime now.