Flying is Bad

Red promised to get some flowers, so they decided to Wind Walk across to the Moonshea Islands. Me, him, and Catbard with her genie. I do not like it, but you can fall as mist. Or at least I thought so. I stayed low anyway, feels so weird to be mist. But then the spell ran out and I did fall, in the Ocean! Without my ring because it’s not done yet! Red swam over and pulled out a boat for me, and we all made it to shore on a tiny, tiny island.

In the morning, Red says it’s a whale, not an island. Oceans are so weird. There’s a storm coming, but we fly right towards it. Into it, until Catbard remembers we wanted to go above it. So we fly up. I really hate it. There are only clouds below me and sky above. It feels awful! I’m not supposed to be here. What if I fall from way up here. Swish Poof indeed!

Catbard does better this time, gets us down to an island before we fall. It’s not really an island, but a shipwreck, but close enough. Catbard talks to some ghosts, but I just go to sleep. When I wake up again, Red is giving her a skull and she talks to the ghosts again. She says they can rest now. We can’t though, more flying.

We get to the islands today, up into the mountains. Red’s really good at finding plants. There are so many pretty plants here. He teases her about always giving the genie a bottle of wine. Says she’s gotta be more creative if she wants him. She says she’s going to run away with him to his Air plane. Stupid genie. I get her some flowers while she’s sleeping. I don’t want her to go. She likes them, but the asks if she can give them to the stupid genie.

Then she summons him, but doesn’t give him my flowers. He says we should come home with him, and he’ll take us back tomorrow. Easier than trying to fly again. I guess that’s true. So, we go to his huge palace on an air plane. I guess it’s nice. It feels weird. Not bad weird. Kind of good weird, but I don’t like him. He’s mean to Orange and he’s going to take her away. He does get us home the next morning. Well, close enough. We have to walk into town a bit.