The Flint Forge Gang

One of my contacts gets me information on the contract on Catbard, but not sure how to tell Red. He seemed to get the same, or similar information, though, so maybe I don’t have to. He wants to check out the hideout of the Flint Forge gang. Says they’re down below Skullport, in Undermountain. That sounds like scary fun. We go investigate the people first. They have some assassins, a war cleric, a druid, and lots of goblins and animals to defend them.

So, we go for a sneak. They have a really cool base. It’s built right into the stone wall. It’s made of dark iron and obsidian. It’s three stories tall and has no windows, just a couple doors. One of them is way up high. There’s goblins, bats, and even a cyclops out front. We meet some fire lizards on the way out and Red gives them food to leave us alone.

The gang figured out we were looking for them and sent Red a note, asking for a meeting. I get him to take Orange along so we don’t get outnumbered too badly. He says if a fight breaks out, I’m supposed to run. I’m good at running, but there’s no way Orange would run. Fortunately, they don’t want a fight. They offer to replace our puppies, saying the dead learned their lesson. They offer Red a few flying spider eggs. This sounds awful to me, but it’s Red’s business, and he agrees.

We spend the rest of the month getting ready for our temple raid in the Bay. I get a bunch of diamond necklaces for folks because Red said that’s how you save people. Nevi makes me a ring for swimming, and cloaks for most everybody else, but I really like my cloak.

Out on the Bay, Dragon Friend makes us all able to breathe water, and then makes us a big Feast. Right there in our boat. Says it’ll make us more Heroic. Then we all dive in and start the swim down to Umberlee’s Temple.