The Volo Job, Part Two

Ranaer explains to the guards what happened and the Captain asks him to stop by the Hall to give a full statement. They take our prisoner and we head out while they clean up the mess of dead bodies. We still have to find Floon. (Note: Fix in previous report before submitting to Spy Master.) Ranaer takes us to a place nearby called the Friendly Flounder to rest and heal after the fighting. Red is pretty sure everyone is going to know about all of us by the next day. That seems bad.

When everyone is rested, we head back out and find a sewer grate near the warehouse and, heading down, find the yellow signs on the wall that Click Switch mentioned. It’s that half a wagon wheel we saw in the tattoos. So, we follow them, and find weird, small, eye-monsters waiting. We squash them all and keep going until we find a secret door. Inside, we find goblins sleeping on the job. We accidentally kill several of them before the rest give up and talk.

There’s a big room ahead, with a big circle, and then a long room where the Boss is. So, we go take a look. Candlekeep says the big room and circle might be teleportation of some sort. In the next room, we find Floon, Grumshar of the Xanathar Guild, as well as a mind-eater with a creepy mind voice. He calls us ‘unexpected guests,’ and says that ‘if any of you survive, we should chat later,’ and to ‘prove your worth.” Then he just walks out, right past us.

Grumshar calls in two half orcs to fight with him against us and we seize the opportunity. My new friends are powerful and we took them, and the mind-eater’s pet brain, down with little trouble. Red rushes out to see if the mind-eater is waiting to chat, but it is not. Floon is very grateful for the rescue and offers us any help we might need in the future. He said they were asking him about the Stone of Gondar. Ranaer says he thought it was a myth, that it’s a key to a grand treasure hidden for his father’s return. He had just assumed his father took everything with him, and says it explains all the fighting.

We all head back to meet with Volo, who gets us dinner, drinks, and rooms for the night. Ranaer adds his thanks, and his offer to help should we need it, if we’re mostly on the up and up. In the morning, instead of paying us, Volo gives us the deed to a manor house – Trollskull Manor, up in the North Ward. This is so strange. I barely know these people and they are all ready to live together and create a dinner theatre out of this old, broken building.

~ Quill Scratcher

Here we go

They call it Undermountain. We at top or bottom? Don’t know. Do know everybody attack Tribe. Take Tribe stuff. Once Drow came. Dirty Drow! Didn’t see Spook. Spook followed. Spook woke up half-spider. Fishface call me Skeeter now. Says I’m a gobler. Better than what he call everyone else though.

Quiet day. Quint come home. Says we should go take stuff back. Kill bigs and monsters like him. We take Scootch, Matron Marge and her brood, Marta and Fishface.

Weird flying half-things try to stop us. Kill them, take their flying shields. Go through room with dead whole-things. It makes Fishface mad, he smash them all up, but they no fight back. Found odd paper riddle for Scootch. Makes no sense, but he keep it.

Fishface makes friends with little frog. Frog tribe get mad, try to eat us. Matron Marge’s brood fried ’em up real good. Stab ’em up, they keep coming. So many frogs, just run past ’em. Slow tasty frogs.

Found a Drow room. Skeeter destroys Drow room. Break chains. Cut off legs. Carve up altars and belly. Fishface stole the glowy eyes for Scootch. Matron made friends with a spider-dog, dead thing. No Drow.

Next room had poppets. Moved by bloody hands. Have to break poppets, then pop hands. Crows get mad and keep flying out of poppets. Poppets guard lots of shiny things. Still no Drow.