Evil God Body, Innocent Civilians, and a Prismatic Wall

The fight with the eye monsters and the tentacle monsters went way better than the last eye monster. The boys were fast on their banishments, so we only had to fight two at a time. But Francis did manage to fall through the membrane in the center of the room, and I had to go fly down after him. We sat for a few minutes after, to heal up those who go hurt, and Locke told us how he has a mana fountain at home, that he can utilize even at a distance. Interesting. They get so much better training here

As we continue on, Remy talks to Turner about all her contraptions. She says they came from her parents. Then the conversation rambles off into the hardships of life, priveledge, slavery, politics, and religion. But all I can hear is this body’s heartbeat.

We find the shoulders and an abscess leading upwards. Into some sort of swampy section. I don’t even want to think about what part of the body this is. A bunch of weird lizard and frog monsters jump us here, and we put them down rather quickly. Only Klyce got swallowed, and only once. We’re getting the hang of working with our new allies.

We find the spine, and after a lengthy debate about simply severing the spinal cord, we head upwards instead, finally entering the regular building. The first room is packed tight with people. We freeze in mild panic as a mage flies towards us in dingy clothes.

Remy, Nat, and Dalish quickly convince him that we mean no harm to these civilians, and he is incredibly relieved. He has been working for weeks to get people out of the city. We tell him, we’re just here for the eye. He informs us that they used to rotate the mages working with it, until two days ago. Then they locked themselves in, and everyone else out. Now there are strange things between here and there, in the tower.

We watch as they sent the room full of people through a teleportation circle to Argentina, and then make our way across to the stairway up. The central staircase if full of flesh and bone, pulsing with power heading down towards the growing body. We take the outer stairs, but that pulsing beats in my head unbearably loud!

We catch creatures out of the corners of our eyes, but they don’t attack. Reaching the top, we find a shimmering wall blocking the door to the roof where the eye is. Dalish says it’s called a Prismatic Wall, and there are different layers of different colors that each take different magic to get through.

The first wall falls to a barrage of frost bolts. I control wind at the second wall. The third one requires force damage, and no one has any. Dalish says the fourth wall can be dispelled with our passwall scroll. So, Remy and Klyce dimension door through the third wall to cast it. Oh, the wall also blinds you when you get to close. They manage it, but the third wall still hurts them for their trouble. Hank and Gerhard walk through wall three, and I try to dimension door now that there is space, with Turner because they need a bunch of fire for the next one. It still hurts us, space apparently doesn’t matter. Turner fire-blasts the next wall down.

Next is wall that will turn us to stone unless we can cast daylight on it. I ask Wan Kei to come try their magic, but it’s not strong enough. Nat tries casting light on the mana in her phail and then willing it to be bright enough, but it doesn’t work either. I ask Locke to come in and help, and grudgingly, he does. None of us can cast daylight, but Hank has it available, but didn’t memorize it. Locke grabs his head and forcibly memorizes it for him. Then he is able to cast it and drop that wal. That was kinda creepy.

The last wall is strange, it will make one disappear and be gone forever if we don’t get rid of it. This is the only one that can simply be dispelled, but it takes a lot of tries to get it right. When it’s done, the force wall behind us drops, and everyone else comes through to join us. Gerhardt has to overcharge to manage it.

Overcharged and confident, we run through the door onto an open balcony. We’re on top of the tower, a fifty foot circle. In the center is the giant eye, fifteen feet thick. The nine wizards are held tight around it on their knees.