The police separate everyone back into lounges, adults in one and kids in the other. Apparently, they don’t suspect us kids, because as they interview the adults they let them then join us. I’m not staring at Oliver talking to all the cool kids, I’m not! Hey, where’s Klyce?

When he shows up, Klyce drags us all out of the lounge to go searching for clues. Why are we Doing this? The Police are here… But we go look at the bedrooms upstairs. We find a spot of blood, a knife, and some bloody clothes in Philomena’s dad’s closet. That was easy… a bit too easy… You don’t kill someone and then leave the evidence in your hamper. You just don’t.

We head to the next room, which is full of police. Dalish starts to spill, and Klyce cuts him off, backing us all out of the room. Over in Philomena’s mom’s room, we find an old desk, that Maribeth breaks into. She reads a bunch of letters from several different men, but then puts them back, insisting they aren’t relevant to bloody murder. Love seems a fair motivation to me…

Next we go down the back stairs and hear the police talking to the kitchen staff. They don’t seem to know much, but are lamenting Karl’s death. Klyce asks them forcefully about a basement and they insist that only the Butler has the key. The butler, Ulysses, is very polite, and Klyce is actually nice to him. He takes us downstairs, and watches us, getting nervouse when we get near expensive wines. Nat uses a wand to discover a secret door in the back of the cellar, but Ulysses is Not going to let us go down without the family’s permission.

Klyce heads upstairs to get that permission and returns a few minutes later with Philomena in a huff. I can only imagine the horrible things he said to her. She tells Ulysses to open it, however, so we are allowed in. Remy immediately begins detecting really strange magic, and as we walk down the catacomb path, the door slams shut behind us.

I do not like this, I do not like this at all! Ulysses doesn’t like it either, and as we continue on, he begins coughing horribly. There seems to be an increase in mana in the air down here. Suddenly, there is whispering in the air.

“More Meat!”

NoNoNoNoNO! I tell the others what the strange whispers said as tiny creatures begin to attack us all. Klyce tosses Ulysses into a Rope Trick and I Levitate up to the ceiling, curling up into a little ball. Maribeth falls, and I go down and drag her up into the Rope Trick, pulling the rope up behind us while the rest fight off the little monsters.

Klyce comes up after the fight is all done, and Alters Ulysses so he can breathe, but he’s still unconscious. We leave him in the Rope Trick, with the rope pulled up and we keep going. Nowhere to go but through. The Mana gets thicker and thicker as we travel, and even Klyce starts having trouble breathing with how thick it is. I use Gust to keep it out of my face, but it barely helps.

Towards the end, we find all the recent graves have been messily robbed. What is Going On down here? Are they eating the corpses? Are there skeletons walking around? We start hearing moaning. Nat says to hit undead things with sticks or spells. Gerhardt casts Grease on the ground in front of us, and we prepare to burn them down.

The Grease works, they all scramble and fall and get lit on fire. I control the fire a bit, to keep them burning, these horrible moaning undead things. The others finish them off. This is the worst place we’ve been, yet. Soon we start seeing liquid pools of mana on the ground, it seems to be seeping through the ground. The tunnel ends then, no more graves have been dug.

Nat thinks we’re under the stables or servant quarters, so we head back, to get above ground. The Rope Trick and Ulysses are gone! We make it back to the door without getting attacked again, at least, and Nat finds the way out. The police are still there, with different servants. Don’t worry, they tell us, the father has been arrested, it’s all over.

We head out to the servant’s quarters at a run. We find a door to a basement and head down. GREEN! No!NO!NO!NO!No! I stare, unmoving, while everyone else spreads out. They find dead bodies everywhere, in a variety of states of decay. The whispers start again. Nonononono… Nat asks me about my dream. I was just running, and they were whispering. Just running.

I step forward, trying to hear better. Just whispers.

“Where are you? I can’t hear you.”

“She approaches. Shining as the Sun.”

I keep walking through the green. The others are talking, but I have to find the whispers. I keep walking. The Green slopes down. Maribeth and Klyce slip and slide past me. Featherfall. Dalish runs after them. I keep walking. Nat slides past, but Nat has Featherfall. The tunnel stops and there’s a huge chamber of Green. I can hear chanting now, but I still can’t make it out. Another tunnel, and I keep walking.

There’s a smaller chamber here, more finished with an alter. Ulysses is on the alter. There’s a corpse floating above him, with vines all through it. Eugenia, Philomena’s mother, is there, too, with a jagged dagger poised over Ulysses. There’s an archway beyond them.

“Sacrifice the mean. Open the door.”

“Stop Them!” I shout at everyone before running forward to tackle Eugenia.

She gets away and stabs Ulysses, but he’s not dead, yet. Maribeth puts her to sleep before she can kill him, and I find keys in her pocket to let Ulysses free. The others fight the plant corpse until it collapses and the gateway closes. It’s finally quiet again, as I Levitate Ulysses, and carry him away from the alter.

The plants are withering away, as we head back to the previous chamber. Klyce says someone will have to take the fall for this. There is no evidence that will convince the courts a person wasn’t at fault. They wake Eugenia up, but she doesn’t remember a thing. Ulysses wakes after some healing, and we tell him everything. We drag them both back up to the servants’ quarters, where all the plants are gone, and only massacred bodies remain.

Klyce goes to fetch the Inspector and we tell him the whole story. As we finish, and discuss what will happen next, Ulysses steps forward and confesses to all the crimes. He has served his family long and well, and he will not see this take them down. The Inspector grudgingly agrees. This is awful! Magic is real! Why can’t that be the answer!? That’s just the way “justice” works, Klyce informs us. We all take our leave and head back to school.