Of Satyrs and Shadows

The stone fort felt wrong from the moment we went inside. The darkness was wrong, a twilight that was not real. Our shadows disappeared, and they felt weak in the corners. Or my connection was weak, it was hard to tell. There was no life in here. A verdant forest outside, but not a weed among these stones.

Inside the main building, Red hears tapping upstairs, and in short order, we go. It is more wrong inside, even before we find the satyr on a throne of bones. Red starts throwing questions at him, and he turns to us slowly, like we aren’t really there. He does have the viola we’re after, though it has a blackness to it, too. Page starts playing music to counter the chord he struck, but Red gets bored and jumps him.

It’s a bit rough going, but when we take him down, he melts away, like those devils we fought just the other day. Nevi grabs the viola, but Page makes him put it in her bag. She seems afraid of its blackness, as we head back outside and around to the moonwell.

It’s a natural pool in this manmade fort, though surrounded with stacked stones. The water is dark, but with pinpricks of lightness, almost like sequins. Orange wants to drink it, and it takes all of us to stop him. Red takes him away to go patrol the area. I stay behind and patrol the pool edge to keep Orange from making a break for it. The rest of them study the pool of tainted magic. For a long time.

I tune them out for a while. Tempers are running high when I check back in. Page is playing angry music. Nevi is on about a unicorn again. The Big Guy is reading through a book and every time he suggests a spell that sounds helpful to me, Page just gets angrier. We give him a bunch of gems and magic things, but he just keeps reading for a while. Then Red comes back, confused why we haven’t started, yet, and the brothers add in some magic of their own. The Big Guy finally starts a cleansing ceremony, and we all try to give him what energy or focus we have.

Two hours in, the satyr comes back. Sitting on top of the fort, laughing at us. Those not involved in the casting go after him. It devolves into a game of tag on the roof, but we put him back down again, and get the viola back for Page, again. After another two hours, the Big Guy collapses, the moon shines down, and a geyser of water shoots up from the pool. When everything settles down again, it is purified and clear. The ground begins sprouting new life, and the viola is cleaned of the darkness. We finally let Orange drink, and it knocks him on his butt. He doesn’t seem to mind though. I pull some dinner out of my book and we camp there for the night, just to be sure.

In the morning, we windwalk down to the big lake to go fishing. Orange goes for a swim and Page starts shooting missiles into the water. Orange gets really annoyed, so she walks to another section of the beach. Altogether, they bring in five big rainbow fish. Then we windwalk the rest of the way back down to the Cat Lord. He is very happy with the fish and sent us back home.

Meetings and Meanderings

Secrets, more secrets. But Fixer is here. Time to visit later. Too dangerous.

Blackstaff dreams up Mort for us. Information on Force X. A blood shouter, that sounds awful. A boom sorcerer, scary -from that place with the guns. A tiny rogue, no, two tiny rogues. One close up and one from far away. And a couple dwarves. One with a shield, and one just nasty. Brikka, too. Of course him. Shoulda taken care of him weeks ago. Not the brain eater, wish we could take him out. Have to be careful.

We have to get ready. Not an easy task. Page says she knows of something that might help, some special instrument like her harp. It’s part of a set. The Big Guy prays to his Queen. She tells him where to go. Out to the Moonshea Islands and a corrupted moonwell. How do we get there? It’s not safe on the ocean! Research first.

Page says we need something pure and beautiful to fix the moonwell. She looks up unicorns, but I don’t think this group is going to get one of those. They like nice people. Red suggests sunlight because Page found it’s called Citadel Umbra, but it’s a Moon Well, I’m not so sure. Maybe a bunch of druids on the island could help.

Nevi gets Zrax outside of town to send us to the right Island. There’s a grove of Kitties there!!! So many babies, I love them all! Then a big Cat Lord shows up. We give him a big basket of fish and he says we’re okay to be there. Page asks how we can serve him so he’ll send us home when we’re done. He says there’s some big rainbow fix up where we’re going that he would like. Suggests we talk to the folk in the Sacred Grove of the Earth Mother. Red’s impatient, though, so we just go up near where we think the Citadel is.

I’m not fond of the countryside, but I don’t hate it as much as Red. It’s actually kind of pretty up on this mountain. In the morning, we start making circles to search the forest below. It’s hours and hours of trees and no citadels. Then we get a message that the other group found it, and head over there before the mist spell runs out. It’s all overgrown with blackened vines, the well itself is black and sickly, too. It looks like people used to live here, but they’re all gone now.

Flying is Bad

Red promised to get some flowers, so they decided to Wind Walk across to the Moonshea Islands. Me, him, and Catbard with her genie. I do not like it, but you can fall as mist. Or at least I thought so. I stayed low anyway, feels so weird to be mist. But then the spell ran out and I did fall, in the Ocean! Without my ring because it’s not done yet! Red swam over and pulled out a boat for me, and we all made it to shore on a tiny, tiny island.

In the morning, Red says it’s a whale, not an island. Oceans are so weird. There’s a storm coming, but we fly right towards it. Into it, until Catbard remembers we wanted to go above it. So we fly up. I really hate it. There are only clouds below me and sky above. It feels awful! I’m not supposed to be here. What if I fall from way up here. Swish Poof indeed!

Catbard does better this time, gets us down to an island before we fall. It’s not really an island, but a shipwreck, but close enough. Catbard talks to some ghosts, but I just go to sleep. When I wake up again, Red is giving her a skull and she talks to the ghosts again. She says they can rest now. We can’t though, more flying.

We get to the islands today, up into the mountains. Red’s really good at finding plants. There are so many pretty plants here. He teases her about always giving the genie a bottle of wine. Says she’s gotta be more creative if she wants him. She says she’s going to run away with him to his Air plane. Stupid genie. I get her some flowers while she’s sleeping. I don’t want her to go. She likes them, but the asks if she can give them to the stupid genie.

Then she summons him, but doesn’t give him my flowers. He says we should come home with him, and he’ll take us back tomorrow. Easier than trying to fly again. I guess that’s true. So, we go to his huge palace on an air plane. I guess it’s nice. It feels weird. Not bad weird. Kind of good weird, but I don’t like him. He’s mean to Orange and he’s going to take her away. He does get us home the next morning. Well, close enough. We have to walk into town a bit.