Butcher or Body Disposal

Spy Master,

We got a tip about the murderous Nimblewright, but we found more than we bargained for. A butcher up in the Field Ward, Thrackus, and a whole pile of bodies.

Catbard got a note about the Nimblewright and we went to look. A dragonborn snuck out while people were inside, so I tried to follow him, but the blizzard, Spy Master. I lost him. The others found a bunch of dead bodies in the shop. No one we knew. The Big Guy’s nose is amazing though, he tracked the butcher in a blizzard!

He tried to attack us, but we’re better than that, and knocked him out. Took him to the guards. We wanted them to come see the dead bodies before someone moves them, but they won’t go out in the storm. So we headed back inside to make him confess.

Red is very convincing, and upset him real bad and he admitted everything! He said he didn’t kill those people, that the Zhentarim sent them to be disposed of. Same with the Nimblewright. It had the Stone! And Justin, a Zhent lackey from the Butcher’s Guild, was supposed to deliver it somewhere. Thrackus was just to getting rid of the body.

We’re looking for Justin, now. I hope he’s already delivered it and we can’t find him. If he still has it, I’ll try and get it. I know it’s important, Spy Master.


Death, Drugs, and Droids


There was more to that explosion than we thought. One of the dead guys worked for Lord Neverember and had the Stone with him when he died. He had heard of us and was trying to come ask for our help. He claimed he took it from Xanathar himself, but Red doesn’t believe him.

A bunch of the group went off to the House of Gond after that. Orange says a robot named Nim made another robot and this robot could have been the one that threw the fireball. Nim said the other one ran away, but he made a detector to find him. Orange says they found the house where Nim’s creation is hiding, and maybe the guy who stole the Stone from Dalakar. (That’s the dead guy.)

It’s the Villa of Gralhund, and Red says they’re Zhent sympathizers. Red says we have to sneak in and see if the stone is still there. He wants to give it back to Xanathar.

Oh, and if you hear about an angry apothecary, don’t worry. Red says he deserved it.