Dangerous Waters

After the library, we meet back up and decide that we are going to divide the targets between our two groups. Dalish wants to see the waterfalls, so we decide to head in that direction. The Iguazu Falls are to the north, and his creepy, undead, monstrous bird can carry nearly the entire party. Klyce flies himself along the way. We travel at night, for unknown reasons, but the guys think that a big dead bird might attrack unwanted attention in the day time. Whatever, I think it’s scarier at night, honestly. We arrive at sunrise on the third day, and it is just as magnificient as Nat said.

But no time for beauty, apparently, though there was time to fly all the way here. We begin taking sweeps around, looking for any sort of cave or temple. Let them look, I’m just enjoying the sights. Then, we glance over and Klyce and Nat are plummeting down the falls. They splash down gentle as feathers before we reach them and we all gather up on some big rocks at the bottom.

“Found it.” Klyce tells us that there was a section that suppressed his eagle form. Klyce decides he’s the best option for scouting since he knows where it was and is most likely to survive climbing through the rushing water. So, we all sit on the rocks as he flies up and disappears into the water a ways off from where he fell. A few minutes later, he comes shooting out of the waterfall again, this time with a massive waterspout propelling him.

Found it again. He heads up, convinced that we all are too weak to survive his path, and investigates some more. The third time, he comes out under his own power, it’s too much, he needs our brains afterall. So, we formulate a plan to dive bomb ourselves through the last waterfall, and just hope our momentum carries us through.

It works! We all tumble into a cave and find a wall where Klyce has pass walled instead of opening the door. When we all get close to it, six of the seven fish around it glow, but we don’t pay it much mind, and head on in. Magic is dampened in here, but Dalish doesn’t collapse, so that’s a good start. Klyce takes us to a room with a pedastal in the center with a dagger on it. Around this, are four statues of beautiful, half naked women with a hole in each of the throats. We move forward and one of the guys goes to the dagger. A weird voice comes out, but Remy can understand it.

The fae have infiltrated many times in the past. If you are worthy, you can identify the fae. Make the wrong choice and consequences will befall you. Or something like that. Then each of the statues spoke. Remy translated them roughly as:

Three was with me when the assassination happened.

Four is known for never telling lies.

I was accomplishing a task when it happened. It is definitely Four.

One was acting suspicious at the time. One must have done it.

Gerhard tries first, and stabs #2, but he starts to turn to stone. Klyce says he has already tried #3. We listen to the voices again, and then Gerhard stabs #4. It sinks in and twists. Then the pedastal begins to rotate downwards to reveal a set of stairs. We all move forward into this strange place and down the twisting stairs.

There is a very large chamber at the bottom with ghostly blue lights. There are stone wheels on the floor and complex piping running all over this room. The voice here, Remy says, explains that we have to get water across the room, from one massive pipe to the other, but no water is coming out of the first pipe. Klyce’s expression falls, just a little, he may have messed up the water system with his hole in the wall. Nat sends HeyHey up to look, and yes, it leaves out into the resevoir that Klyce drained. HeyHey goes to look the other direction and sees a massive underground lake with glowing blue light in the center.

We set the wheels turning and get the pipes all lined up, but we still need water. Nat then sits down to concentrate on flooding the resevoir with her magic, and it works! We get the water flowing, and each pipe glows blue as the water arrives. When the water gets to the far end, another path opens up for us to leave this chamber.

We head down another set of stairs, all the way down to the lake. The blue light is about 200 feet out in the lake and about 5 feet above the water. Dalish floats out over the edge of the water. No issue, so he continues, out to the center, to see the light. We have a slightly shouted conversation about what he finds.

The light comes from a ghostly flame in a small brazier on a rock outcropping. There is also a pedastal with a small platform, holding a pictogram of an obsidian shard. It gives off strong divination and abjuration magic. He says there’s a pattern of tentacles on the pedastal and the island. I really want him to push on the pictogram to see what happens. Eventually, he does and there is a pulse of magic through the entire cavern. There is the sound of grinding stone, the water viabrates, sloshes, and churns between us, and then swells toward the island.