Plants, Dragons, and Plans

Trolltide is super fun, and sweet rolls are delicious. No one’s gonna egg our Restaurant.

A bird flew right into the Restaurant! It seemed to know where it was going, so I just followed it to the kitchens. Then Falla’s voice came out of it. They’re really nice and they want to talk to Red. He Petie’s are ready, too. So, after lunch, we head up home to talk to her. She’s got Five Petie plants, but Red says they can live with her until he needs one. Falla needs help with a rare plant over in the Moonshea Isles, a hawksthorn, to pollinate something special. Red says yes, if she’ll help spruce up our groceries for a year, and she agrees. He promises to smooth things over with the Green Grocers.

We all get together that night, and Orange says he talked to the dragon in the bay! The dragon wants help getting into Umberlee’s Trove. Says he has a way in, but needs some brave adventurers. Red shares Falla’s request and we wonder if the Dragon can get us to the Isles quickly, and then we can do the underwater job after. We’re going to talk to him in the morning and figure out if he’s willing and how many he can take. The plant job should be fairly easy. Then red and I head back down for the night. Blinky is adorable.

Oh! And now we have stones to talk to each other! Nevi says they can only be used ten times each day, but we can talk to everyone if we want to. I feel like someone should have said goodnight, I wonder if they’re okay…