Fallout and Conversations

We head out of there after a few quick conversations, and back to Johnny’s to have a drink and discussion about what just happened. Nat tosses up another telepathic bond so we don’t freak out the locals and we dig in. That was so strange!

Clearly it had been planned. Without consulting Rictus, of course. What do they want with us? Are we just bigger pawns now? Our freedom puts us in their debt, and strips us away from Rictus and his protection. For whatever that was still worth. Remy tells us that he looked at the magics, and Rictus is truly entwined with the geas. Woven into his very being, he says, and it’s going to drive him mad. Klyce is worried about all the machinations of the various Primes. Alleria, too, she used to be tight with Rictus, but now… Did she see his fall and step away? She sees even more than Nat does.

What are we going to do now? Start up our own independent investigatory squad? It’s about all we know. Go to South America? Open the door? Oh man, I really want to open the door. And what about Klyce and Philomena’s wedding, they’ve been engaged for years now. Personally, I’m not interested in South America and getting re-arrested for Treason by going there and consorting with Royalists.

Klyce wants to work on his committee to reinvest in the city. What about the Black Knight? Klyce wants to drop it. What about the door? Klyce thinks we should leave well enough alone. Marybeth wants to research safe mining. Remy says he has projects to do with golems. Klyce is concerned about worse results. What if Remy creates a way to make cheap golem armies and the wars get worse? I sugest the door again, as a way to get mana back into the world. But again with the worry about the chaos it will bring. Someone suggests a mana pipeline to the fae world, but that’s not really how mana works there. I want to talk to the Prince. Maybe I can send to him if I try hard enough. Maribeth asks about the Beast from Italy. So, we explain the monster who was set after us while we were there. A couple of the guys want to capture it for study if it shows up again.

The conversation shifts into demons and devils for a few minutes, but I’m preoccupied with the Prince and don’t catch most of it. Then someone asks who intends to return to school next year, and just about all of us are interested. So much yet to learn. What about working for political change? Yes, we have the right to do so as mages, and we have a responsibility as humans. Then it somehow devolves into family names and wedding decorations again. Maribeth is feeling nearly festive with her devil contract gone. We head out home for the night, still discussing wedding things. Klyce takes Philomena home, Dalish heads to meet with Rictus, and Nat heads off to meet with Alleria.

Once everyone gets back for the evening, Dalish and Nat report in. Dalish hands us dossiers that Rictus had of each one of us. He says that the Primes have all this information. They are going to start approaching us, and if we don’t do what they want, they are going to start using this information to force us to cooperate. Rictus thinks we should get out of town. Nat says she got the same impression from Alleria. Klyce, in his usual fashion, thinks Wiest won’t be a problem, she’s a hammer and too forthright to cause much trouble. I’m not so sure. Remy then suggests that we all have the right to say no if she declares Certimum, but someone else points out that this just means we have to give into her demands.

I look over my folder, and it has my brother and my parents, but isn’t up to date on his new girlfriend. Maribeth says her brother is listed as AWOL Most of the dossiers are pretty accurate about our families and their current whereabouts, except my parents. So, it’s just as bad as we thought when we took Remy’s Dad and Maribeth’s mom to stay with the Rathbones, but not really any worse.

Dalish also mentions that there was a bum found in the sewers of the Bronx, rambling about goden light and the one god. He had Garion-goo inside him, and kept regenerating. When Dalish told Rictus about Nat’s vision, Rictus disintegrated the remaining Garion-goo, but it’s probably already too late. Well, that’s a thing we’re going to have to deal with at some point. Did Garion actually become a god of some sort???

Nat brings us back around to our immediate future. Are we going to skip town? And take our families with us? Others argue that we can’t just go, we’re part of this city now, we have to stay and take care of it. If we leave, they’ll just hunt us down. Remy notes that Dalish, as a lich, is now an eternal threat to the rest of them. Klyce gets tired of our bickering, says he’s not leaving, and goes to bed. We continue on for a while. Remy says we have to stay, the city won’t be safe without us. I wonder if it’s us that is the threat, really. Dalish says we have to take care of South America. Nat says we’re targets because we’re politically inexperienced. It goes round and round for awhile until we all go, exhausted, to bed.

I need answers, so I do some sendings before bed. I send to Hank, asking how things are going and if they can come North instead of us coming South. He says they need our help down there. I send again, asking why. He says they are looking for a black mirror to help find people, including Remy’s Uncle, and they can’t get away to come to us. In the morning, I fill everyone in on what Hank said.

This brings even Klyce on board with going down to South America. We have enough people with teleport that we can get there and back without too much trouble. Though getting down there the first time will be the hard part. Nat can get us to the Carribean, but then we’ll have to make our way down to wherever Hank and the others are. Klyce says that we tell anyone who asks the truth. We need to make mana and gather supplies, so we can’t leave for a few days. We’re going to get offers and orders, but we tell them, we have to do this thing first. We are finishing our task for Rictus, and it’s taking us to South America.

Then the invitations start rolling in. Remy is invited to lunch with Pyrus. Dalish is invited to dinner with some of his party members. Maribeth is invited to dinner by three different Utopians. Gerhart receives an invite from Prime Hadreas to dinner in his tower. Klyce and Philomena are invited to dinner with Othar Pendleton. Nat is invited to lunch at a cafe with Weist. And I… I am invited to dinner by the mage from my “research assignment.” I don’t want to go, but he says they’ve got a new idea. I’m curious and also very afraid of what that new idea might be. I just want to open the door and unleash chaos we can deal with instead of all this politicking.

Ghosts, Corpses, and Maribeth

On Saturday, we get up early again, and I help a few of the gang out with the obstacle course so a few more of them can get the Jump spell. Nat manages to run it fast enough to get Expeditious Retreat, as well. Then he and I go check the Lost and Found. There are a lot less notices, now. Looks like Malden found the stuff in the tunnels and gave it back.

Nat, Dalish, and I go down to check on the secret room in the tunnels, but it’s gone. Dalish notices some trace magic around the area that lead to it, but nothing left. Nat wants to start mapping the tunnels, so I suggest we find the entrances to all the other buildings so we can get around without getting caught by the groundskeeper. We find our way to the Main Hall and come out in that weird hall of doors by the kitchen.

That evening, we decide to stake out the deal. Nat, Remy, and I wait in the foyer, while Dalish goes up to the Astronomy tower. When three hooded figures come down, Remy tries to ‘bump’ into them, and they put him to sleep. Nat gets mad and starts yelling at them, trying to yank one of their hoods down, but his hand goes right through. Then we both fall asleep, too. Dalish is there when we wake up. He says they went out and came back, just like before, but from the tower he couldn’t see more than that. We convince Nat to talk to Malden in Philosophy, since he’s the only one in the class.

We take a trip to the infirmary. Then things got really strange. Everyone started talking to mirrors name Nurse Honey, and Maribeth handed coins to nothing. I go look in the mirror and see a strange statue, too weird! Remy then started talking to a ghost named Barry, who answered him back, but was very sad. This is so boring! So I start making strange noises around the room and flickering the torches. Then Maribeth turns herself into a sexy nurse lady! If that wasn’t strange enough, Dalish starts casting sickness spells at people, and this ghost nurse heals them and gives them spells. Remy starts thinking about casting Shocking Grasp on people to see what they could learn, and Raltus kicks us out for the day.

We decide to go to the Library to look for history books. Dalish wants to know about Nurse Honey, I want to know about Grumpkins. All the books here are boring and dry though. Nothing about the history of the school, and fairies are just stories. We give up after a while and go back to studying for the week to come.

Nat fills us in his meeting with Malden in Philosophy. He told him everything, and Malden believed him! Malden thinks we’re in danger and we should be careful, but keep looking. Nat says they might have been followed when he took him out to the trade spot, so we decide to all stick together.

Malden starts teaching the others Detect Magic. Maribeth hasn’t spoken to me since Thursday night. I cast Message and ask what’s wrong, but she won’t say. Just that she can’t be around us anymore. In P.E., Remy says he snuck into Maribeth’s room, but doesn’t find anything. He says he got a letter from home with ashes in it. Whoever is behind this burned down their outhouse. Nat offers to go talk to Maribeth, and I tell him to be nice. He, however, turns and runs straight at her, and she falls down and goes limping off to the infirmary instead of talking. NAT!!! I message her an apology.

We decide to take Remy’s letter to Professor Alleria, the divination teacher. She says an Unseen Servant wrote it, so there’s nothing else she can tell. She instructs Nat to practice using his unseen eye.

Worried that the thieves have changed their plans because of last weekend, we decide to keep watch on Friday, just in case. Nat dresses me in some of his old clothes, so I’ll fit in outside the school wall. Then he and I go around the houses and taverns near the school to look for any suspicious activity. When it gets pretty late, we try to get back in, but the gates are closed, so we sneak off to my house and sleep in the stables’ hayloft.

When we get back in the morning, Dalish says he and Malden watched from the tower, and Remy from the lobby, but no one saw anything. We’ll have to try again tonight.