The Chase Continues

Catbard calls us all together on Opening Day, while Red is still closing up The Mad House. She says there’s a rumor that the next piece of The Stone is in Mistshore with someone called Xarinda Garliff, or something like that. She wants us to go down, get it, and then give it to her Guild. Orange isn’t so sure about that, until he figures out she’s a Harper. But then he says we have to get Red involved so we don’t fail. She doesn’t want to because Red will want the stone for himself and his evil boss. Orange still thinks Red can be reasonable, and insists, so she sends him a message to come home.

Red’s cranky when he gets home that we didn’t just ask him to meet us down in Mistshore, and immediately lays claim to the stone. Catbard says no, but we head out before it gets too messy. Down in Mistshore, the Big Guy starts smelling blood in the mists. Before we find the source, we get jumped by fish people, and a wizard.

After we get rid of them, Orange has to break open the door and shove through some furniture to get us inside. There’s a weird boat contraption in here that Mary Mouse really likes. He and Red head upstairs with us trailing, to find the lady. She’s scared at first, but Orange says we’re here to help, to escort her to the Grey Hand with her stone. Unfortunately, she sent her familiar off to the City of the Dead with it. She gives us a key and directions and we head out.

That’s when we find all the other bodies. The fish people killed everyone on this dock before going after the stone. Red says the wizard was from his guild, because the lady showed the stone to a member and then refused to give it to him. He says we HAVE to give it to him now, because bad consequences if he doesn’t bring it home. Catbard is adamant that we will do no such thing. We head off to the City before we attract the attention of the guard.

Orange and Mary Mouse get us entry to the City of the Dead, and we head for the lady’s crypt. It stands open. Red sneaks ahead and finds an empty, looted chamber. We all head in, and he searches the rest of the tomb. It is all empty, except for a discarded key. Other crypts in the area have been hit, too. Nevi knows who made the key, so we can ask him about it in the morning. We head outside and follow the tracks leaving the crypt, which head north but then get lost in the shuffle.

Big Guy and Catbard have some fence contacts in the north who might still be open this late at night, so we head out, hoping our robbers sold the things they found. The first one is closed, but the second, The Tirelessly Turning Wheel, is open. Catbard, Red, and Big Guy head inside to talk, while the rest of us watch the street. A little while later, they come out. No one has been selling grave treasures, we’ll have to wait until morning to talk to anyone else.