Changing Allegiances

That meeting was confusing. Spy Master was very angry. Made me angry, too. I have to talk to Red. Careful talk, secret. Can’t tell the others. Oh feathers, what have I done? He’ll protect me, he helped me. Not just my fault. Red thinks I’m useful. It’ll be okay.

I was right. Offered me a place. Have to think. Don’t jump. Don’t look too eager. Stay in the restaurant. Look after the boys. They fit right in. Pretend to think about it. Oh, Catbard will be so disappointed. Don’t tell her. Don’t make her sad.

Faewild? They’re all going to the Faewild? Fistandia might be there. I don’t want to find her. She’ll take her kitties back. Red says stay. Yes, stay. Don’t help them lose the mansion. Keep the kitties if they don’t find her. Soft kitties. Oh, She needs money for a key. Of course I’ll pay. Faewild sounds fun, and She’ll write the best songs about it.

Looking forward to Skullport. Orange had such a good adventure there with his big fight. Wonder what we’ll steal while they’re gone.

Chasing the Chase

Next morning we have breakfast, but Catbard must have gone to work. Everyone’s impatient, so we go to the Locksmith – Ellaspra Ulmarr. Mary Mouse, Orange, and Nevi head into the back to talk, the rest of us keep watch. The come out with the name Vokar Kibbins and an address in the Southern Ward. Off we go again.

The door is kicked in and a couple halflings are running away. I go stop them, and they seem real nervous. They lie worse than I do, so we take them back to the house. Eventually, they admit that a catperson was there with a bunch of others. They gave the tomb-robbed loot to another guy, named Losser at the Dandy Mop Wigshop. Red yells at them some and we head out again. Catbard must have decided not to argue with Red anymore.

We run down the streets, ignoring an illusion of a crash at the intersection before the shop. We barge into the shop and find some stairs leading down. Not waiting or asking, we run right down the stairs. There’s an iron door at the bottom that Red gets us through, right into the sewers. The Big Guy takes a big breath of the rancid air, and Nevi looks around. They both send us south again.

To a dead end, that’s really another illusion. We run on some more until they find secret doors. The one on the left has noise behind it, so I listen while Red words on the door to the right. The Big Guy trips over something in the floor and the left door crashes open, spilling out skeletons. I punch one, and he turns them all to dust. Just looks like they were in storage or something.

Red wants to go right, so Orange pushes through some furniture to get us into a ransacked office. I can’t find anything useful, but I grab some handwriting samples anyway. We rush through some more halls and doors and sewers. Then the trail just stops. It smells a bit sandy and there’s a weird blowback like a sideways explosion on the walls. We keep going until we find a ladder to the street level.

Red checks first and then we climb up. There are some kenku feathers here, and Slicer’s bracelet. What’s that doing here?!? I whistle, but nothing. I grab it from Red’s magic hand while everyone looks around. Red calls the guard and says there’s a rogue Djinn, and asks for a Mage Civiler, like the one who tried to find us at the Bard School, but we don’t find one. Everyone goes to report in, but I just go with Red to the new Restaurant. I don’t want to tell Spy Master I lost another piece of the stone just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Orange says we have to all go to bed when Red gets home. We do, and then wake up in a library with Catbard and Blackstaff. Catbard apologizes, but nobody really minded the chase. Not even Red. Then they have a big conversation about what Xanathar could do for the city, and how Blackstaff and Catbard think he’s evil. Red says everyone’s guilds do bad stuff. Orange thinks we should kill Xanathar, but Red says you’d have to be stupid or really powerful. Some days, I think my flock is both. Blackstaff thinks no one is safe while X is interested in the stones. Red says we’ll need them all to get near enough to attack him. It’s all so confusing.

The Chase Continues

Catbard calls us all together on Opening Day, while Red is still closing up The Mad House. She says there’s a rumor that the next piece of The Stone is in Mistshore with someone called Xarinda Garliff, or something like that. She wants us to go down, get it, and then give it to her Guild. Orange isn’t so sure about that, until he figures out she’s a Harper. But then he says we have to get Red involved so we don’t fail. She doesn’t want to because Red will want the stone for himself and his evil boss. Orange still thinks Red can be reasonable, and insists, so she sends him a message to come home.

Red’s cranky when he gets home that we didn’t just ask him to meet us down in Mistshore, and immediately lays claim to the stone. Catbard says no, but we head out before it gets too messy. Down in Mistshore, the Big Guy starts smelling blood in the mists. Before we find the source, we get jumped by fish people, and a wizard.

After we get rid of them, Orange has to break open the door and shove through some furniture to get us inside. There’s a weird boat contraption in here that Mary Mouse really likes. He and Red head upstairs with us trailing, to find the lady. She’s scared at first, but Orange says we’re here to help, to escort her to the Grey Hand with her stone. Unfortunately, she sent her familiar off to the City of the Dead with it. She gives us a key and directions and we head out.

That’s when we find all the other bodies. The fish people killed everyone on this dock before going after the stone. Red says the wizard was from his guild, because the lady showed the stone to a member and then refused to give it to him. He says we HAVE to give it to him now, because bad consequences if he doesn’t bring it home. Catbard is adamant that we will do no such thing. We head off to the City before we attract the attention of the guard.

Orange and Mary Mouse get us entry to the City of the Dead, and we head for the lady’s crypt. It stands open. Red sneaks ahead and finds an empty, looted chamber. We all head in, and he searches the rest of the tomb. It is all empty, except for a discarded key. Other crypts in the area have been hit, too. Nevi knows who made the key, so we can ask him about it in the morning. We head outside and follow the tracks leaving the crypt, which head north but then get lost in the shuffle.

Big Guy and Catbard have some fence contacts in the north who might still be open this late at night, so we head out, hoping our robbers sold the things they found. The first one is closed, but the second, The Tirelessly Turning Wheel, is open. Catbard, Red, and Big Guy head inside to talk, while the rest of us watch the street. A little while later, they come out. No one has been selling grave treasures, we’ll have to wait until morning to talk to anyone else.


Spy Master,

That was a lot harder than I thought. We accidentally kill people so much, but trying to do it on purpose is so much harder. I had Sim and Kris help me find him, they did a really good job, but couldn’t figure out where he goes other than work. Then it was my turn. First day, I got distracted by a kitten, so I went to get potions, instead. The second try, he seemed to notice someone was following him after he went shopping and ran off. The third time, he just closed his shop and didn’t come outside.

Clearly my plan was terrible, so I went to ask for help. Maybe Orange would come back with me and we could go inside. I told Orange there was a bad guy who helped Manshoon, but he said I needed proof so he could report to The Hand. I said I didn’t have any, so he said to talk to Red. I really didn’t want to talk to Red, but Orange would tell him if I didn’t.

I told Red there was a threat to our flock, one of Manshoon’s supporters was still lurking around. He wanted to run him out of town, but I said he was too dangerous, we had to kill him. Red and I were going to pretend it was a robbery, but it didn’t work. He went upstairs as they were closing, and didn’t come back down. Red tried to find him, but he was gone. He didn’t open his store again after that. I think Red robbed it all the next day.

We went to talk the owner of a shop he visits. He told Red about a meeting the man goes to. So, we go there, and I watch the doors outside, so he doesn’t see me before we get him alone. But after awhile, Red came out and said he was taken care of. I didn’t want to go in and be seen, and I trust Red. Well, he keeps his word, at least.

I’m sorry it took so long. He was very paranoid and the shadows weren’t as sticky as they usually are for me. That’s why I need those boots like Red’s got. Then I wouldn’t have needed help. Sorry.


Kolats’ Towers

Information Shared: Catbard – Harpers will send folk to keep an eye on us/the cabaret, for our protection. Everyone’s friends are afraid of Manshoon or wanting him dead. The towers have a big wall of force permanently domed around them. Red wants one for the cabaret. We’ll need magic to get through it. Maybe there’s another way. Some folk head off to look for town records on the original owners and the building. Red and I head out to scout it out.

Information Gathered: The main tower is massively tall, seven stories, and the floors seem to be twenty feet apart. The walls look climbable, and there’s a bit door out front, and lots of windows. Another smaller tower, and a big lower building, too. The windows all look dirty, but well light with flickering light. There are lit braziers at stair up to the front door. Clearly, someone is living here. Red wants to check for sewer entrances, but down there it’s just as sealed off. If not magically. Or at least, we can’t see if the shield extends below ground, the sewers just stop. The others say the original brothers upset the city guilds so they just refused to give them sewer connection.

A Plan: Mary Mouse, Orange, and Nevi head off to talk to the Grey Hand about getting a teleport specialist to look at the Yellow Spire. When they come back, however, Orange says the Blackstaff herself will help us into the tower. She wants to claim the towers for the Grey Hand, and is willing to fight Manshoon’s clone to do it. Red says Xanathar wants the tower, too. He says that Xanathar will be waiting to take it once we defeat Manshoon, and Blackstaff won’t have the forces there to stop them. Then he sends a creepy little brain-thing off to alert his Boss. Orange agrees and heads off to tell Blackstaff we agree to her plan, for tomorrow midmorning.

A Plea for Help: A quick note to Spy Master, and a raven drops by. It turns into a sun elf, Davel Starsong, I think he said, Master of Opportunities. He’s very excited about the upcoming battle in the streets. He thinks maybe the Zhentarim can help save the Blackstaff from Xanathar’s minions. He gives me a tiny glass shiny, says to throw it at whatever is powering the shield, but don’t die. My friends are so nice, worrying about me so much.

The Tower: The Blackstaff arrives right on time the next morning, and we head out. She opens a hole in the wall and we all head through, climbing over the main wall around the place. Red opens a window for us, and we all creep into the main tower. Where we get attacked by a bunch of gargoyles when Nevi pulls a book off the shelves. We crush them, and head upstairs. There’s a weird platform up by a window and Orange jumps up there, while Red heads out a door that leads to a path to the other tower. Orange starts shouting and jumps down, with a chest attached to himself. We smack it until it lets go. We empty out the other chest of stuff, and then head across the walkway to see what Red found. There’s a big wizard statue, but it doesn’t attack.

The Second Tower: We head downstairs, but it’s just garbage, so we head up the tower instead. It’s another library with “Alcador” written on the wall, Then through a door to the other side, labeled “Duhlar” or something, it’s fancy script. The books attack us in here, but we knock them all down. The top of this tower is a teleportation circle and 5 more chests. Then three small eye-monsters and a bunch of flying snakes attack us. Those snakes hurt bad! Once we put them down, I throw daggers at all the chests, but none of them attack. They have a bunch of tools and supplies, and some vials of stuff. Nevi says the teleport thing is odd, like it has locks or something. Time to go back to the main tower.