Tristia’s Story

There are 103 posts in Tristia Ravenshelm’s story, so I’ve created this page to make it a little bit easier to read the entire adventure, one link at a time. You can, of course, start at the first link and use the next Post buttons at the bottom, but there are a few stray posts about other characters, and I don’t expect anyone to do it all at one sitting, so, I’ve collected them here, organized into sections.

Warning: There are mature themes in this story: discussions on murder, slavery, genocide, and class-based oppression.

Our story is set in late Nineteenth Century America, but not the one you know. In this America, there was a King ruling from New Gnosis (your New York City), and there was a Magical Revolution, instead of an Industrial one. Mages have overthrown the King, and now rule the land from a magically constructed island just off Manhattan, called The Petals.

You can start with Tristia’s Backstory, if you like, or just jump right into the story.

The Mysterium Academie

Our First Harvest Festival

Adulthood and The Mage Detective Squad

Italian Interlude

Military Service

Our Second Harvest Festival

Giving the Devils Their Due

Deliberate Politics

South American Vacation

The Final Days