The Flint Forge Gang

One of my contacts gets me information on the contract on Catbard, but not sure how to tell Red. He seemed to get the same, or similar information, though, so maybe I don’t have to. He wants to check out the hideout of the Flint Forge gang. Says they’re down below Skullport, in Undermountain. That sounds like scary fun. We go investigate the people first. They have some assassins, a war cleric, a druid, and lots of goblins and animals to defend them.

So, we go for a sneak. They have a really cool base. It’s built right into the stone wall. It’s made of dark iron and obsidian. It’s three stories tall and has no windows, just a couple doors. One of them is way up high. There’s goblins, bats, and even a cyclops out front. We meet some fire lizards on the way out and Red gives them food to leave us alone.

The gang figured out we were looking for them and sent Red a note, asking for a meeting. I get him to take Orange along so we don’t get outnumbered too badly. He says if a fight breaks out, I’m supposed to run. I’m good at running, but there’s no way Orange would run. Fortunately, they don’t want a fight. They offer to replace our puppies, saying the dead learned their lesson. They offer Red a few flying spider eggs. This sounds awful to me, but it’s Red’s business, and he agrees.

We spend the rest of the month getting ready for our temple raid in the Bay. I get a bunch of diamond necklaces for folks because Red said that’s how you save people. Nevi makes me a ring for swimming, and cloaks for most everybody else, but I really like my cloak.

Out on the Bay, Dragon Friend makes us all able to breathe water, and then makes us a big Feast. Right there in our boat. Says it’ll make us more Heroic. Then we all dive in and start the swim down to Umberlee’s Temple.

Flying is Bad

Red promised to get some flowers, so they decided to Wind Walk across to the Moonshea Islands. Me, him, and Catbard with her genie. I do not like it, but you can fall as mist. Or at least I thought so. I stayed low anyway, feels so weird to be mist. But then the spell ran out and I did fall, in the Ocean! Without my ring because it’s not done yet! Red swam over and pulled out a boat for me, and we all made it to shore on a tiny, tiny island.

In the morning, Red says it’s a whale, not an island. Oceans are so weird. There’s a storm coming, but we fly right towards it. Into it, until Catbard remembers we wanted to go above it. So we fly up. I really hate it. There are only clouds below me and sky above. It feels awful! I’m not supposed to be here. What if I fall from way up here. Swish Poof indeed!

Catbard does better this time, gets us down to an island before we fall. It’s not really an island, but a shipwreck, but close enough. Catbard talks to some ghosts, but I just go to sleep. When I wake up again, Red is giving her a skull and she talks to the ghosts again. She says they can rest now. We can’t though, more flying.

We get to the islands today, up into the mountains. Red’s really good at finding plants. There are so many pretty plants here. He teases her about always giving the genie a bottle of wine. Says she’s gotta be more creative if she wants him. She says she’s going to run away with him to his Air plane. Stupid genie. I get her some flowers while she’s sleeping. I don’t want her to go. She likes them, but the asks if she can give them to the stupid genie.

Then she summons him, but doesn’t give him my flowers. He says we should come home with him, and he’ll take us back tomorrow. Easier than trying to fly again. I guess that’s true. So, we go to his huge palace on an air plane. I guess it’s nice. It feels weird. Not bad weird. Kind of good weird, but I don’t like him. He’s mean to Orange and he’s going to take her away. He does get us home the next morning. Well, close enough. We have to walk into town a bit.

The Lady, The Basilisk, and The Dragon

The Cabaret was attacked! And Red’s pups were killed! Oh dear, oh dear. Shouldn’t be staying so far away. Gotta keep them safe. Flock is family and Family sticks together. Master always said so. Xanathar’s folk are still after Catbard. Red and I are going to find who killed our pups, though. Unacceptable!

Catbard comes with us to the Restaurant, though. Keep her close. Then up to the Temple of Helm to set the Lady Gondafrey free. He’s really nice and gives her lots of her gold back. She insists on repaying me, but I don’t even know how much I gave her. Not debt, we’re family. But I take it, I’ll just buy her something pretty later.

We grab Orange next, to head to talk to the Blackstaff. Gotta get her permission to bring Blinky up to guard Catbard. He’s a good boy and he’ll keep her safe. Blackstaff is not very keen on the idea of a basilisk in the city, and makes Orange promise to kill it if it hurts any civilians who aren’t attacking us.

Then we head down to the Bay to talk to the pretty Bronze Dragon. He’s getting bigger, pretty dragon. He says that Umberlee’s cache is vulnerable at a certain time of year. He can make us all breathe, but it will still be dangerous. Lots of monsters guarding it, and we’ll never be able to sail the seas again. We’ve got some time, though.

Time enough to deal with some pup killers. Just gotta find them.

Plants, Dragons, and Plans

Trolltide is super fun, and sweet rolls are delicious. No one’s gonna egg our Restaurant.

A bird flew right into the Restaurant! It seemed to know where it was going, so I just followed it to the kitchens. Then Falla’s voice came out of it. They’re really nice and they want to talk to Red. He Petie’s are ready, too. So, after lunch, we head up home to talk to her. She’s got Five Petie plants, but Red says they can live with her until he needs one. Falla needs help with a rare plant over in the Moonshea Isles, a hawksthorn, to pollinate something special. Red says yes, if she’ll help spruce up our groceries for a year, and she agrees. He promises to smooth things over with the Green Grocers.

We all get together that night, and Orange says he talked to the dragon in the bay! The dragon wants help getting into Umberlee’s Trove. Says he has a way in, but needs some brave adventurers. Red shares Falla’s request and we wonder if the Dragon can get us to the Isles quickly, and then we can do the underwater job after. We’re going to talk to him in the morning and figure out if he’s willing and how many he can take. The plant job should be fairly easy. Then red and I head back down for the night. Blinky is adorable.

Oh! And now we have stones to talk to each other! Nevi says they can only be used ten times each day, but we can talk to everyone if we want to. I feel like someone should have said goodnight, I wonder if they’re okay…

Honor Among Thieves

A quick job to prove my worth, getting settled and staying out of the way. Less notes now, no big reports to file. I guess Xanathar doesn’t like to read.

Big job. Get back at them for pushing me away. Spy Master had to know this would happen. Had to know what Red and I get up to. Hope he doesn’t anticipate too much. Don’t want a fight. Just some trinkets. It’ll be okay. Red has a plan. Even takes me scouting with him this time. Shows me how. Keeps me close.

There’s a blocked sewer entrance. Red says that’s the way. We can unblock it. Easy to do with a scroll. Still think he needs a dispelling wand. But in we go. It’s quiet. Just people upstairs, he says. Doors and traps no match for Red. So many boxes here, but we find the safe with a ledger, a key, and some gold. Red pockets the shinies, and we look over the book.

Five special boxes, and lots of trade goods.

First box had a gas trap, but Red fixed it. Lots of shinies inside, gold, silver, gems. Oohh! Sparkly diamond for Quill.

Second box had a sword trap. Red has two new swords now. I had lots of pretty cloth inside. Red says Nevi might use some.

Third box has no trap, which makes Red suspicious, so he poured acid on one corner of the wood, to see inside, and we moved on while it worked.

Fourth box had a magic trap, but Red fixed it. It was filled with books!!! Red said not all, so I picked the ten best small ones.

The third box had a corner missing now, and there was metal inside, like a metal box. We opened the crate, but the metal box had no way to open it. The key from the safe didn’t work, either. Red was worried the Dustmen would come back down below, so we moved on.

Fifth box, had a dark magic trap, and Red told me to back off while he opened it. A wall got scorched, but he was fine. There was a dark armor set in there, a Dreadlord’s Armor! Oh dear, oh dear. I wonder whose it is. Red puts it in his bag.

We grab enough trade goods to finish filling the bag, and then we snuck back out the way we came. No one even noticed!

A few days later, Red told me that someone came for the armor, and he got some money and alcohol contract for it. He says they know where I am now, so it’s no use me hiding here. Offers to let me come stay at his place below. He’s got a cute basilisk pet down there! I guess that makes up for the lost kitties. For now.