Gorgie was born in the slave pits, another female ogre for breeding, but upon maturity, it was realized she could not bear children. However, her aggression and strength impressed the slavers and she was sold to become a T-Man. No one likes the tattoo process, but it became clear that Gorgie quickly came to hate and fear them. It often took several other T-Men to hold her down for her new tattoos. Elder dragons are not especially common in Gorgie’s day to day life, but those few times she has seen them have sent her running in a screaming panic. Her squad-mate is yet a young dragon, but there is growing concern about her reaction to him as he grows older. Gorgie is has never been terribly talkative, but lately, it has gotten much worse, she hardly speaks at all, and is far more likely to imitate bird song than speak, though she has become quite adept at military hand signs. Whenever off-duty, Gorgie prefers to be outside the city, and hunting in the Preserve with her “kitties” when she has leave to go.

Core Motivation: Loyalty to Lord Splynncryth and High Lord T’Lan. Gorgie lives to serve the Splugorth, having known nothing else in her life.
Ally: Rassa – owner of the Feline Cages – Gorgie likes to visit Rassa and see what new specimens he has found. Most of her Animal Tattoos are cats, and she is always looking for her next “kitty” friend.

Enemy: Conservators – Gorgie’s enjoyment of the Preserve has put her in contact with Conservators a few times over the years, and none of those have gone well. Though none have actually ended in death, it has come close a few times. They have all learned to avoid one another, if at all possible.