Lost and Found

The doggos are all very hungry and anxious, so we get them into a nice tent and get some fire going and give them lots of food. We spend the night with the doggos. They’re very soft and snuggly and I don’t want to go find the dumb people who left them here all alone without food. But we promised, so we secure them in the tent again and make sure the fire’s gonna burn down and not up. I dunno, whatever Eggy said.

Up the big hill we go. We had to bribe a couple big goats to let us pass. Everything is so hungry out here. A little while later the even snow tries to eat us. But my little ice friends’ pinecone saves the day, and even Yogi who can’t get inside uses it to hide behind. Jinx is a hero with his little pinecone, everyone says so.

A little while later we find a nearly dead guy in the snow. This is the nice guy’s husband, and Good Boy is very happy to have his master back. He says he was with three other people and that yetis attacked. Eggy gets really excited about making a yeti-skin coat. He says they were just up here exploring for no reason because they like adventure. That seems like a bad reason to go where the invisible blue dwarves live, but people here are very strange. He doesn’t know about the dwarves, though. He tried to get the yetis away from his friends, but I guess it didn’t work.

He shows us where they got attacked. There’s a lot of blood there, near a cave mouth. So, Doc and I head in to scout. He says I really need some googles of dark, but that’s okay, I trust Doc to keep me safe. We find a big hole in the ground and a room full of bones. Doc says one of the skulls could be a hippoman like Eggy. There’s lots of bones here. The next room has a big family of yetis playing catch with a little halfling woman. Three big ones and two little ones, so Doc and I back up and call in the rest of the Best Friends Club.

They’re really noisy though, so the yetis come charging out to meet them in the bone room. This is a lot more yetis than last time and they hurt me a lot and Doc gets real mad and big and dark. But we get them so they can’t hurt anybody else anymore.

Parylou or Parallel or something, the halfling lady in the other room is really upset and scared even though the yetis are all dead. She hasn’t seen her other friends. Leshy goes back to look at the bones and says that the hippoman skull is probably just the almost giant man’s. That leaves just one, a tiefling called Astricks or something. The Yetis had some magic rocks, so Twitch gathers them up. Pary doesn’t want to come, so we leave Garry with her while we go look for the demon lady. A little way further up the hill we find her, frozen in a little ball next to a broken tent and a buried dwarf without a head. So we bring them both back.

We get back to the yeti cave to sleep for the night with all the dead people and the found people. In the morning, we take them down the hill and get all their things and doggos. Garry says he can get everyone to the nearest town because Eggy really wants to look for the dwarves while we’re here. That’s not what we’re supposed to do, though. He gets everyone else to agree with him, though. So they head east and we find a path up to the dwarves’ place.

Minons and a Very Good Doggo

Turns out we didn’t summon the goddess or Saalym. But Saalym showed up anyway. She got really upset when she thought Doc and me were in danger and she couldn’t protect us. Which is silly, Doc and me are fine, we beat up that bad guy a whole bunch before everyone else arrived.

We did, however, get the goddess lady’s attention enough to get her to send dead things and some flying ice things at us. Mifits or something? They were all really hard to kill and they hurt quite a lot, but even though Saalym and Sandy ran in front of us and fell down a couple times, everybody was alright in the end. We gave Saalym a wine pop and that seemed to make her feel better.

Then we went and told the Copper guy back in Bryn Shander what happened, and after they said goodbye to his bones we went on.

Targos was next up on our trip around the ten towns. It’s run by the bad person who sent men to robe the bees and the nice Speaker lady. I think she’s Speaker now anyway. The other guy was terrible, too. Anyway. We immediately meet the bestest boy doggo in Targos. And it takes us to see a very nice, but not very smart guy whose husband is missing. He doesn’t know why his husband left with a bunch of stranger adventurers, just that they went to that big hill in the north. We keep having to go in that direction, but we’ve never made it all the way there, yet.

The very good doggo says he’ll take us there because his master is stuck up on the hill and so are all the other doggos. He was the only one who could get away. The husband says they might know in the town nearest the big hill, but I guess we don’t really need to know why. The bad, invisible dwarves are from that hill, so we just gotta go kill them and get the doggo’s master back. I guess the hill belongs to Kelvin or something. I wonder if we’ll meet him?

So we head off after the very good doggo. All the way across the snow land where the miners and the kobolds and everything all were, but upwards instead of sideways. We found the tends and other very good doggos, but the master and his friends are nowhere to be seen. I guess we have to go up higher or something.

Did We Summon a Goddess?

The murder guy did not want to fight us once Doc got angry. Not many people do. He tried to run away, but everybody else helped us chase him down. He kept getting back up every time he fell, until I nearly cut his head off. Eggy said we had to tell the guards, but that seems dumb. The dwarf lady said not to involve the law. I take his pendant as proof we did what she asked. Eggy insists and starts dragging the body off. The rest of us go get drinks. Well, except Saalym, I guess. Where’d she go? Maybe she went to go fight more drug people.

There’s no James here, either. And Saalym didn’t come back, so we go barhopping to find her. Eggy goes to talk to the guards some more, maybe the Speaker, too. I found a James in one of the bars, but he’s not my Dad. Eggy and Twitch find us and drink, too. Still no Saalym. But Twitch finds a guy who knows about a magic haunted cabin. So we gather up and head out to fight some ghosts

Eggy gets some directs from a bird and we don’t see the goddess lady at night, but the sky is awful pretty. The cabin looks like it’s going to fall off the cliff it’s on. Doc and I throw snowballs at the little buildings around it, Eggy says one’s an Outhouse. Weird name. No ghosts come out to play. Doc and I sneak up on the cabin and jump over a hold in the deck, to get to a door. It’s a workshop, but no ghosts, so everyone else comes up, too.

There’s a family of squirrels in here, so I give them food cuz we invaded their home. Just a bunch of old tools, so we go back out and jump over a really big hole in the porch to get to another door. This room smells burnt. There’s some wine, a burned up book, a skeleton, and a weird circly thing. Twitch says I can touch anything but the weird thing and gives me the skeleton’s pendant. He wraps the other thing up without touching it and puts it in his bag.

We find a bunch of barrels of wine in another room. There’s another room with a fireplace, a bunch of drawings, and a little doll. Twitch says the doll was alive once, but not really, but it’s not anymore. Then we find the skeleton’s bedroom, it’s got clothes, papers, quills, and a scroll that didn’t burn up in the fireplace. There’s a note from someone napped Copper. He seems grumpy. I think the guy in town mentioned him.

We finally meet a ghost, but he doesn’t want to fight with us! He wants Twitch to fix his magic circly thing. It killed him and he doesn’t know if it will work, but he was trying to stop the Winter. Everyone goes back to the Workshop to try to fix it. Except me and Doc, We stay with the skeleton and talk to the ghost and ask him lots of questions. And Doc makes winepops out of one of the barrels. Sometimes Twitch asks me to ask him questions, too. So he can make the circles work right.

Finally, everyone comes back in to show the ghost what they made. He seems to think it’s fixed. Then Twitch stares at it for an hour. The ghost seems to go away then. Maybe he’s sad it didn’t work. Wait, what’s that? A bright blinky light is rushing towards us from outside. I wonder if it’s Saalym. The others think we might have made that goddess lady mad. Good, now we can talk to her.

Yetis, Goblins, and a Killer

The Dougan’s Hole speaker gave us a pair of her husband’s old boots for killing the wolves. Then we took Danika back to Good Mead, where we talk to Olivessa again. She says Torga’s caravan just left, but we have things to do first. Danika has to go meet the nice little ice friends and see the underwater statue. So, we take her out to the forest.

The dead town guards are gone, I wonder if the animals or the townspeople got them. Back at the cave, Danika says the water is really holy and can help really help you out once. Doc and I went to play outside, and the little ice friends came back. We had a really good snowball fight. Danika really liked them, too. I almost killed one though, cuz my psi powers are finally coming back, but Leshy fixed it. She’s really happy here and thinks it’ll help her fight the angry goddess lady. She gives us a jingly bag and a tooth to say thanks for bringing her. Seems fair, so we head out.

A meanlock tries to go after our ice friends, but Doc and I scare them off. Nasty things. Twitch says there could be doors to they faewild here, but he says he’ll keep an eye out so we don’t trip through one. Can’t go back yet, I still don’t have control and I haven’t found James, yet. Well, not the right James, yet. Maybe I should be a human in the towns? Twitch likes the bees back at the Good Meadhall.

Next day we head off to Byrnshander. Or something. To find that caravan and the man whose been killing people. Saalym says someone will pay us for getting proof and taking care of him. I don’t remember that conversation, musta been drinking. When we get to town, she says we should go to the Northlock to get information. Saalym sells the rest of our space ale to the owner and Doc and I get to drinking with Sandy, seeing how many glasses fit inside him. Twitch had to go talk to people, and the others start talking to people. We wanto hep, so we makesum music n birdnoise. Is real godd. Til Doc staf stop makn noise.

In the morning, Saalym says some dwarves need us to go get their sled back from some Yetis. Nasty big things killed their friend. Sounds like fun, maybe the Yetis will just give it back, they don’t need a sled. So, we head north to where the dwarves got hit. The dead guy is really messy, and Saalym and Leshy pull him together and bury him in the snow. We get a big rock to mark the spot and I write Dwarf next to it, so they’ll know.

Eggy finds the sled track and a bunch of little footprints, so we follow. There’s a bunch of goblins trying to put the sled in their wagon. And they have a couple polar bears! How fun! Doc talks to the fancy goblin and we trade for the sled back. I give them the jingly bag Danika gave us, and Doc gives them a big axe, and some food. We tell her we’re going to go kill some Yetis, so if they need food, we’ll just bring the Yetis back for them to eat. So, she gives us some potions in trade for the future Yeti meat.

It takes us a lot of the next day to find the Yeti cave. I try to talk to them, but they just come charging out and try to kill Doc and Sandy. So, we kill them right back, even the little one. I get a bone for Yogi and we find a ring that makes me nice and warm. It’s a little weird. Then drag their meat right back to the goblins. Now they won’t have to bother the town people for a while. Got lots of meat now. Oh! Doc got really big like a giant when we fought them. Twitch says maybe some of that ice chair magic rubbed off on him and mixed with the ship explosion stuff. So now he gets big so he can fight giants better.

We go back and give the sled back. It’s got lots of metal on it. They say we can have get stuff cheaper at their smithy forever. I got my psi blades now though, don’t really need metal things anymore.

Now we have to find the murder man. Saalym says he works for Torga and she’s got a stall in the market. She and Twitch go shopping and Doc and I go along. I go as Jinna, though, with Leshy’s ears so he won’t recognize me later. Saalym stares at the murder man a lot, but the dwarf lady says he doesn’t really like people. After they buy some stuff, Doc and I go climb up on a roof to watch. Gotta be a goblin so they won’t see me up there.

When the market closes, he heads off by himself. We follow him, whispering everything back to Twitch and Saalym. That’s another cool thing I remembered how to do. Then he goes into a house, and before we can follow him in, he kills somebody! Doc and I jump through the window to stop him getting away. I let Twitch and Saalym know and they say we should kill him. He’s really confused, and doesn’t look like he feels better when we tell him we won’t eat him. But I think he’s getting mad, hope everyone else gets here soon.

Winter Wolves and an Angry Mammoth

The not quite Speaker lady gives us a jug that Eggy and Leshy are really excited about before we head out for the next town, Dougan’s Hole. I didn’t meet anyone named James in Good Mead, but I guess I didn’t really ask. They were an odd folk, but the bees were really nice.

On the path to the next town, some really big wolves come up, but they’re not so hungry to attack us. And they can talk! They say there’s a big mean giant that’s been hurting them. Says he takes people. Eggy and Leshy say the wolf is lying, that it’s the wolves taking people and attacking town. The wolves say it’s because of the giant, and they need our help to kill him so they can be free. That sounds great to me and Doc. But everyone else wants to go to town and find out the truth. It’s on the way, so we have to anyway. The wolves run off, but we’ll see them again when we come to kill the giant.

The town is even smaller than Good Mead was. It’s not a hole, though. I wonder if Dougan is home? Eggy starts shouting hello in the center of town. A cranky lady comes out to scold him, says she’s speaker. Eggy asks about the wolves, and she says they took two teenagers and killed them. She says they’ve been trying to get food from the town, say they’ll give the kids back. She doesn’t believe them, though. The kids have been missing a few days.

Eggy says we’ll go find out the truth and get the kids back if they’re alive. She says that we can use an empty house if we’re going to help. We put the axebeaks in the house and head to the other end of town. There’s some big rocks there. Tall standing rocks in a circle. They don’t tingle when you touch them, though. There’s the druid lady we were told about, too.

She’s trying to fix the winter without talking to the goddess. She seems afraid of her, and is interested when I say she talked to me. Says she’s heard of some elementals that could help. She means the fun little guys in the forest and we promise to take her to see them if she tells us what the things we’ve been finding are. She does, and the stone pinecone can make a magic hut! But we have to go kill the giant for the wolves and rescue the kids before we go backwards. We promise to come back.

Eggy finds tracks as we head out on foot, well snow shoes. And we follow all day and into the night. It’s a long way to that cave. The wolves had said a day past town and we didn’t leave until just before dinner. Tomorrow, then. I make a cozy little mushroom hut for everyone to sleep in. Some little wolves came to sniff at night, but they left us alone. Can’t get in my mushroom hut!

Next afternoon we find a big ice dome. Doc and I sneak up and find where the kids are. We get the rest to come up and we go in. It’s two teens and a rat man in a cage. The ratman says a big long name, but we can call him Twitch. That’s a good name. Wolves don’t seem to be around, so we get them out. Eggy wants to take them home immediately, and I guess the kids can’t help fight the giant, maybe Twitch could. But they haven’t even seen it. So we take them all the way back to town. The kids go off together, and we invite Twitch to stay with us since this isn’t his home either. He’s here to study the winter, too.

First, though, we go talk to Dani at the stones. I tell her all about my dream, and Twitch seems real interested, too. He asks me all sorts of questions. We still have to find the giant and talk to the wolves. Eggy wants to get them to team up with the town, but the town people all seem very grumpy. I really hope my Dad doesn’t live here. There isn’t even a tavern. Everyone else wants to kill the wolves, including new friend Twitch. Eggy promises to try talking to them first, though.

We head back out to the dome the next day, talking about deals we can make with the wolves. Doc agrees, but everyone else thinks it won’t work. They still aren’t home when we get back there, so we decide to go inside to wait. Has to be warmer than out here. This Huge Hairy Monster with Big Tusks comes running at us shrieking that we are to blame!

I try to tell it, that it isn’t our fault. It says we killed someone. I tell it we haven’t killed anyone in days, and that was just giants. It gets real mad at that and tries to kill it, so we have to kill it right back. The wolves show up from outside, too, and they just attack us without even stopping to talk! It’s a real bad fight, but Best Friend’s Club is strong, and we win.

Eggy starts cutting the skin off the dead (and he thinks I’m weird), so Doc, Twitch and me go exploring. We find the giant, but it’s already dead and froze in a block of ice. Doc says it was blades that killed it, not the wolves or even the big monster. We also find a big throne and Twitch says we can sit on it and make a blizzard, so Doc does. It’s a really cold throne. We keep looking and find a big fur blanket, barrels of whale oil, a small tunnel with sticky stuff in it, a table room, and a room with a dead whale and some tiny dragon people, kobalt, I think Twitch called them. They killed one of the nice elementals cuz it scared them. I get that. I killed wisps for scaring me a lot as a kid. I pick it up and Doc says we should to put it back in the snow.

We go back and tell the group what we found. Leshy makes food and then we go share it with the kobalts. They’re going to stay here tonight with us and then we’ll all leave in the morning. They seem pretty nice, if skittish. Hope the regular wolves don’t kill them out there.