Don’t Tell Spy Master

Find Dasher Snobbeetles. I don’t find people, I just follow them. Everyone else finds people. Page says we have to go someplace called the Jade Dancer in the Southern Ward. There’s a weird flying blue globe with dancers along the way. That looks dangerous. The big Jade Dancer statue is a good dancer though, she’s nice. There are some halflings up on the balcony for Red to talk to cuz he looks halfling tonight. He’s up there for a long time, but then he comes down and disappears again. He knows where to go when he gets back, looking like himself again.

We’re all going to go to the Way Moot at noon tomorrow. I’m nervous, I think Spy Master wants me to do this, but what if I miss Dasher? I need the flock’s help.

Red spots him, and I spot Red. He talks to the guy a little, but I can’t get too close, or his friends might spook. Then they head off to an alley, and I follow, close enough to hear. Red tries to get him to leave town. Uh oh, what’s going on? I knew I should have done it myself. Dasher says he’s not leaving, okay good. Then turns into a wererat! Red says he’ll tell his family that he’s not coming back. Apparently wererats are bad for rich families. Red says he’ll go with me to explain to his family. Red’s much better with words, but I’m still nervous. This isn’t what Spy Master said to do.

The family starts saying how their son is dead when Red explains. I don’t understand, he’s just part rat now. The lady seems very sad, and the man is very serious and gives us the money. When we get home Red splits it up, and gives me extra for Spy Master. So, I send it along with a short note. Spy Master sends back a disappointed reply. I was right, I was supposed to do it myself and get all the money for him.

Maybe I can get him money on the next job; Red wants to rob a tomb. It’s a secret though, and dangerous. I have to go with him, I have to bring the shadows and protect the flock. Page and Orange are coming, too. I wonder if maybe Nevi should come, he’s got more magic, but Red doesn’t want a big group. The watch is out in force this week. Stay low, don’t tell, keep quiet.

Red says it’s the tomb of those people who hid the Nimblewright and the stone. They have lots of magic and traps protecting it. An illusory door, webs on the stairs. The first coffin sprayed acid all over me. The halls are full of fog cloud, I guess it could be worse. There’s lots of shiny, fancy things down here. Maybe Spy Master would like some of this. Can’t tell him where it came from though. Then Red set off a big fiery trap that woke up a big stone monster. It hurt Red and Orange a lot, but we crushed it!

Blue Alley Mostly Isn’t

Journal Scrawlings on a slightly burnt and bloody page

Catbard’s Mert is still after the beheader from the docks. Oh no, she wants to go looking for him. In a magical alley! That people don’t come back from. The Big Guy says it’s full of magic and monsters and an evil mage. Why is my new flock so bent on finding the guy? Job’s done. At least she’s letting us go back to sleep until morning.

Blue cobblestones – source unknown.

Not an alley. Hallway. No way back out. Green light ahead.

Double doors – Gallery of people dying in portraits. Dart traps.

Another hall – more pressure plates.

Double doors – Blade trap.

Library – Tables trapped with gas.

Broken door stops it.

Trapped door into the kitchen. Dead things in the dining room.

The entire parlor is a trap.

So is the kitchen – whirlwind of cutlery and flatware and pots and pans.

The library is lovely though. Found a Dwarven Dictionary.

Gaming parlor – must play or get burned.

Coat room – pit trap.

Downstairs ball room – extravagant dancing blade trap. Stage has sandbag and mirror traps.

Loads of treasure. No beheader. Orange stole a gaming table.

Ninjas and Sharks

We ran around the apartment looking for clues. Everything is a wreck, there’s blood painted on the walls. All the lab stuff we brought over is gone. The doorman didn’t see anyone come or go, but suggests our servants can fix the mess. Heading back downstairs, I call out for them, and Barry apologizes. Wait, what?? He says that the other servants made the mess, but he didn’t see it happen, didn’t see who left after. I order him to clean up the mess while we discuss how to quickly go after them

Leaving a note for Remy, should he ever come back, we head out to Xingtown, carrying Klein. We don’t have enough magic to get there quickly, so foot it is. When we are halfway across on the ferry, a ninja in blue comes down and a whole group of shadowy men attack. I levitate up off the ferry and let the fight move on without me. Dalish manages to get them to talk.

They told Remy to go inside and bring their stuff out. When he didn’t come back out, but we did, they assumed foul play and treachery. I let my spell go and swim after them. Dalish keeps explaining what happened, while Klyce tosses me a ring and pulls me aboard. They say the Koga clan stole his sister. We convince them that we are not their enemy, at least not today. I ask about his sister’s magic, and he says it is rare. We convince them that we’ll go find her and bring her back. They say they will watch.

Finishing our ferry ride with another discussion of killing and killing by leading killers to other killers. We’re not to kill the killers, but we can only control our own actions. Using Locate, we run around Xingtown until we get a ping, 500 feet below us. Heading into the sewers, we find no way down. Coming back up, we look around and decide Lu Bai’s dojo might give a way down.

We knock, but there is no answer. Gerhardt sends in his snake and finds it empty, but Lu Bai is in the back office with his sword drawn. Klyce knocks again and shouts for him. He comes to the door and tries to shoo us away, but we tell him we are looking for the Koga and explain. He says he cannot help us, there is nothing here that can help you, but leaves his door open.

We head inside and look around. Nothing sticks out, until Nat uses her wand. There’s a dummy in the corner. We mess with it for awhile until Klyce just grapples with it, and there is a click. We head down a 30 foot ladder. We all head down after Klyce sets off a trap. There are tripwire everywhere, and pits, and tunnels going every which way.

Eventually, we get to a well-lit room with a matted floor and a dias in the center. There is a black iron shell on the platform. The wall is covered in writing. Once we all get into the room, the door closes behind us, and 4 ninjas appear and attack us. The fight is bloody. Dalish keeps ringing his bell and murdering them! Klyce manages to knock out the last one, instead.

Nat finds a hinge on the shell, revealing a slide downwards into the dark. We all slide down after a quick check for traps at the top. Oh gods, this is fast and so many twists and turns. Suddenly I’m alone. Then I’m splashing down into water. There’s something in here with me. Something bumping into me. I have no more magic. I don’t know what to do! Pain. Blackness.

Traps, Mummies and Kitties, oh My!

Quint keeps sayin there’s treasure, so we go on. Big long hallway, full of traps. Skeeter stop crossbow trap, pit trap (after Scootch fall in, but he fall slow, so save him quick), crossbow trap, pit trap, crossbow trap… oops! That one not so good, but nobody get hurt. Marta tired of traps and make stone walls all down the rest of hall to big door with skull on.

Skull door not open, but big firey bugs get mad anyway and try to sting us whole bunch. Skeeter and Quint back down hall til Margie and Scootch take care of ’em. Marta gets rid of ends of walls, and Skeeter find a secret door, but it locked tight, so smash it in.

Skeeter find two more hid doors, Quint go North. We find dead guy that pillar pointed at yesterday. Quint shout at him: “Hey Dead Guy, what’s your deal? What’s the treasure situation?”  Dead guy says: “You want what is mine, come and see if you can take it.” Quint shout back at tribe: “He has treasure! He just admitted it!” We attack dead guy.

Dead guy gets scared and runs back through hid door to other hid door to hide behind bunch of skellies. But we smash them all up good. Marta don’t feel so good after, but they have so much treasure! Skeeter gets pretty new armor and cloak, makes faster and sneakier on the walls.

Next we find basket full of kittens. No one wants to cuddle Scootch, so he cuddles kitties. Ghostface doesn’t like kitties, curses at them and they all scream so loud. Shut ’em up, Scootch! But he can’t and they explode. Mama kitty comes roaring down the hallway. She’s so cold! But we smash her, too. Margie falls down though and won’t get up. Guess she finally tired. We drag her to a room and take a nap.

Day Two

Killing poppets and bloody hands hard work, so we take nap under big statue.

Wake up next day and find secret door. Is trap. Skeeter set it off and Scootch fall, but he float. Fishface pull him back up.  Skeeter fix trap, and we go through. Find more and more secret doors, but no more traps. Running round in circles, rooms gone.

Bats fly out of dark room. There’s glowy red light. Glowy light says: Find ye a nice day without. Whatever that means. Throw things at light, but nothing happen. Sneak a look around the corner. Hey guys, there’s lizard men over here.

We fight lots and lots of little lizard men. Skeeter cut heads  right off. Marge’s kids burn down piles of garbage all around lizards. Lizards bows shoot snakes. We take all snakey bows and food.

Next room all black and white squares. Fishface no care. Fishface get zapped by lightening. Now he care. Scootch and Quint talk about chess thing. Scootch decides black is safe. We cross on black, but Fishface and Scootch fight about last square. Fishface lowers Quint through last square. Quint get attacked by box. Skeeter save Quint from scary box with big smashing. Box hold nothing. Leave stupid box and square room.

Then find table with black box on it. Fishface chops open box and table sinks. He find bone candy inside. Scootch very angry at Fishface, must want candy, too.

Big bright light ahead. Fishface insist go in. Well in middle, he spit rope into well, it fly up and fall to floor. He jump in, fly up and fall to floor. Marta and Skeeter want go back, Quint says no, go forward.

Big monster fly up out of well. Skeeter keep running into dark hall. Everyone else fight, so Skeeter stop when see painted whole things wait at next corner. Shoots new snakey bow back at crazy-headed monster thing til it dead. Matron Marge says good meat and cuts it all up. Skeeter tells Quint about black and white painted whole things waiting at corner, but we tired, so sit and rest a moment.