Death and Betrayal

Big eye things look weird. One look dead , one have no mouth, and one just look confused when Pastor try to talk to him. Quint ask for treasure or let us pass. But then Pastor try to make them follow his god. That make them mad.

No-mouth-eye-thing have big long tentacles, keep grabbing and squishing everyone. Dead-eye-thing stay back and throw spells. Biggest-eye-thing cast so many spells, it hurts so much. Skeeter stab him once, but then can’t hide, too much light and spells. All so scary. Biggie keeps Skeeter all stunned up.

Steve cast lots of plants and bugs all over eye-things. Quint stab Biggie lots and lots. Marta keep playing her spoons and Scootch keep stopping Biggie’s web. Biggie don’t like that much and kill Marta and Scootch. Biggie get tired of Skeeter hanging in his eyes, kills him, too. Poor Burney.

Quint decide fight is done and runs through swirling exit door. Pastor chase after him. Steve not done, though. Steve kill Dead-eye-thing and Biggie. He fight with No-Mouth for a bit, then he run, too.

Quint and Pastor waiting for him though. They kill Steve dead. No more goblin tribe adventure.  Skeeter a ghost now. Maybe haunt Quint and Pastor for killing Steve.

Time to Go Home?

One more tower to go, so we go take look. Is one big room again, like last one. But this one have boxes with windows all up and down the walls. Boxes full of weapons of all sorts. Quint throw Clob at one, but window not break. Big flash of light though.

Floating black armor appear, holding big sword. Says thank you for interest in Hollister treasure, then attacks us. Guess he not really happy. Batty-men come attack us, too. Steve show up, he one crazy puppy now. No worry though, Skeeter kill armor thing hard.

Sword fall, and Quint go diving after. He stop fall before it kill him. Gives me sword when I climb down. It want to kill all the light and shiny good things. We become good friends, Skeeter and Blade of Twilight Doom. Quint and Pastor start breaking open all the boxes. It takes a very long time. Many sleeps, but when they done, all Scootch-fungus gone from us. No more sick and cuddle coughs.

Ghostly wild whole-thing come and stare at us. He no say words, but nod when I ask he Hollister-man. Pastor ask him how to leave. Wild Hollister man just laugh and laugh and laugh so loud we hear him.

Quint say we have all treasure now and it time to go home. We get out castle, and we get out green glow. Now we big again. Head back towards home. But we find door that no supposed to be there. It has magic traps, so Scootch dis-spells at it.

Now we in square room that glow green, but we not small. Floor have lines and bones on it. Things go dark then big bugs with too many legs try eat us. But we squish them good.

Steve go look through all doors with shadow dark sneaky. Says there one with stone dwarves in it, one with spider signs, one full of mirrors, and one say Exit with lots of eyeball monsters.

Skeeter want smash dwarves, so Quint say okay. We go in, torches flare, shadows go away. Skeeter smash stone dwarves. Steve really want to go check out eyeballs with exit. Quint agree.

We go to talk to eyeballs. Lots of broken stone people in here…

Castle Full of Things!

Like I say, Quint lead charge into room. Dragon no like that, make us all fall down and look at the pretty lights. Pretty, pretty lights. And dragon hide in air, but Skeeter hear him. Skeeter try shoot him. Then he make all fall down again, and see many of him. Skeeter try jump on him, but he not really there. So much pain, and falling. Marge calls extra kids, and dragon run away. But Marge no get up again. We poke her, but she no ghost yet either. Maybe tomorrow she ghost. Maybe she tired today.

We go into left room and find kitchen. Big fire pit with crispy burnt food. Burny likes it. Pastor find jars of squishy red things. Skeeter no want them, but Quint likes them with salt. Pastor save some for later. Other side of downstairs big room full of broken junk. Pastor sets some on fire and we go upstairs.

Left room look like home. Has nests and clothes and scattered things. Nests full of monster poo and shiny rocks. Each nest have name on it – Scootch read them to Skeeter: Ardor, Brawn, Proxie, Skulker, and Spider. They no home, so we take their treasure. Quint very happy.

Right room full of things. One corner broken tables and glass and books. Another corner full of burnt books and paper with a pot of stew cooking. Another corner just all burnt and empty. But maybe not so empty – voice talk to us. Says if we get closer, we be daft looking forevers, is not so kind as downstairs dragon, and has no time for us.  We talk to voice and he say Mad Goth in towers, and we can take Mad Goth’s things, he no want. So we go, not really there dragons are hard to fight.

First tower is full of cages suspended from beams. Whole thing in one with round pointy had on. Weird bat thing hanging down lower on a ledge. Pastor go preach to bat thing. Marta try preach, too. Skeeter and Scootch go talk to whole thing in cage.

He Mad Goth, and mean ol’ dragons took his castle. He a good man, they just meanies, and he didn’t do nuffin wrong.

You have wand? Dragon say you have wand?

No, no wand, just ring to protect him from traps.

Marta have ring like that, too. Good for Marta, protect her. If we let you out, you be nice to us?

Yes, be nice to you.

You kill dragons?

Yes, kill dragons.

And can we have half your stuff for getting you out?

Sure, have all stuff, just want out.

Okay. Scootch, can I touch cage? No, is magical trap?

You have to get key from Auto dragon.

Okay, we get key and come back.

Pastor baptizes bat thing in blood of goblin child and we go back out. Quint says we silly, and we just take stuff and leave Mad Goth alone. Not going after dragon to set a whole thing free. So we go to next tower.

It full of books, and a bedroom. Quint take bed. We also find wands and rings and a cloak and a big round hole with pretty pictures in it. Marta find me book How to Raise a Dragon. She promises to read it to Skeeter.

Next tower have orange monster at the bottom. Pastor burns it to death, and Quint picks up the monster poo. I feed some of crispy burnt monster to Burny. Quint puts squishy red things on some and eats it. Says tastes good, so we stop and have dinner.

Castle in the Sky with Dragons

Wake up to Scootch shouting. Why we leave Scootch in bad room? You dead, Scootch! Scootch float through door, finally believe he dead. Oh well. Ghostface not come back though, he all dead now.

Next room have big black stones. Center have big black stone box with big black stone kitty on top happily killing some stone whole thing. Rocky not like it, smashes it down. Skeeter find a ring and give to Marta when Scootch say he not know what it for.

Next we find very big cavern. There is floating castle way up in middle with cone of green sparkles over it all down to floor. There a tiny jello cube inside cone. Skeeter throw dagger, it dispeers. So does rock. Marge throws one of her kids, it gets inside, but all tiny. Jello cube move towards it. Skeeter throw end of rope to kid. Now Skeeter inside and tiny, too. Find dagger and rock though.

We decide to get out, but it very very far to edge of cone now. We run, but some brains with leggies start chasing us. Bright flying goblin demon jumps off castle and comes to help. Quint come in, too. He knows shiny demon. Brains suddenly catch fire. Marge comes in to help now. All the brains burn. Skeeter feed Burny some brains.

All brains dead, Quint attack flying shiny demon. He brother, name Pastor. Quint thought him dead. Skeeter complain about shiny Pastor, he very bright.  Folk start flying up to castle. Bugs come complaining stop to squish bugs. Skeeter realize he can fly, too. Burny help Skeeter fly up to castle.

Rocky open castle gate. There hall with torches and a half-thing says we “worthy” of Fire Goth’s castle and will have “bath” and new clothes. What bath? Kill half thing? Quint says no. But, half things bad, kill half thing! Quint says no, wants to see what “bath” is. Also what “gentle man” is.

We step forward and floor fall down. Told you we should kill half thing. There shiny liquid in pit below. There platforms, but no path to door. We play with sticks that make rocks move so we can get to door. Rocky tries open door. Door close. Up tiny bit, down, up tiny bit, down.

Voice says we have no “man-ers.” Quint says give us your treasure. Pastor talk voice into opening door, says we won’t come in, just two minutes civel dis-cors. Door open, is giant fairy dragon. Says is his castle, has Mad Goth trapped upstairs. Says Fire Goth is Mad Goth’s prentice.

Quint count off two minutes, and charges into room.

How Tribe Get to Undermountain

Why we live in awful place, you ask? It strange to have so much under big wet city. Big folk always comin through, attack Tribe, take our things. Why we stay? What we doin here? Old Big Nose tell story sometime. Skeeter like stories, so Skeeter tell you.

Long time ago, we live above ground. Not in city or tree-place. In real caves, in big mountains. We live with ground below us, not above. With moon and stars outside. Fresh air, and tasty rabbits in their holes. Scare ’em out in the dark and snatch them up for stew. Big things come sometimes, but mostly no reason. We not in their way there.

Strange man come one day. Offer shiny things and big sticks. Says has new place for us to live. Says we get everything want there. Says we get power there. But we like our caves. Shiny things too bright and big sticks not so big. Why we want power, have everything Tribe need here. Strange man get angry, blast a few old ones. Tribe get angry, drive him out with rocks and sticks. He disappear and Tribe go to bed.

Next morning, caves all wrong. They rock, but wrong kind of rock. They cold, but not cold enough. And they very dry. There firewood, but firepit brand new. Mushrooms and moss even different kinds. And there no way out. Tribe run to all corners of cave, but no way out. No way to moon and stars, no way to tasty rabbits. Old Big Nose find water, coming out of small wall in hole, filling small pool, but it is no way out.

No day and no night, but it many, many sleeps before Tribe find a way out. But way out is not to outside. It darker there. A group go look, never come back. Many sleeps later, another group go look. One come back, gibbering and bleeding. He no sleep, only babble: No, No, No. I can’t.  He no eat or drink or sleep. Finally die.

Big things started coming though. Coming in and killing Tribe, taking tribe things. And then going on. They no come back either.  Now only bravest of Tribe go out, and only Quint come back. So we go, we brave. We find out where Strange man took Tribe. We find way to moon and stars and rabbits again, some day.