Grand Finale

That was so chaotic and amazing and boring. I only got to hit one person before X put me out of commission. He was a really nice beholder but he lifted me up against the wall and held me there. I think he was trying to help because he kept shooting beams at me. But he didn’t hurt me or anything. It only hurt when I fell, which was weird. Then I got to go shoot the mage lady with a lightning bolt, and Big J then killed X. The others had put down a few of his friends, but Red convinced the others, including Brikka to join our new crew. The Blackstaff wasn’t happy with Red’s plan to install Big J down here, but said she’d talk to the Lady Lord about it.

Job done. Success and we have a treasure to rescue for the city. First, though, Red and I need to have a talk. Spy Master wouldn’t want me to, but this is important. I like what we’re building down here, and we have to fix things. Red says he’s sorry and it was for my own good, and for the flock. He says it was important and he still trusts me, and wants me to join him fully down here. It sounds way more fun than just spying, maybe I can do both.

We get to rest for a few days, then The Lady Lord and The Blackstaff invite us to a conversation. They give us the stone, and Nevi gets another voice in his head. It tells us what we need and where to go. Need a scale of our bronze dragon friend, need the fae queen to gift us Mary for a night, and need someone to be invisible. Seems easy. Blackstaff will even go with us.

We get down into the tomb in the City of the Dead. Lots of big doors down here, most of them don’t lead anywhere. Oooh! A pretty mural! It’s so pretty. Why do they want to break it? No! Oh, okay. Bad mural, still pretty though. Stairs up, make some noise, tell a secret, and stairs back down. Bunch of bridges and statues and oozes. This is such a strange place.

Then we find the dragon, but it’s a dwarf. Dwarf dragon made a deal with the old Lord, doesn’t want to break it. Everyone talks morality with him while I just wait for the fight to start. I didn’t get to hit X or Red, I really want to hit this dragon dwarf. Eventually, though, Blackstaff makes a deal with him for food and materials in exchange for the gold.

It takes a couple days, but we get it all out and set things in motion. Red, Orange, and I get Skullport all cleaned up and moving again. We even get to start a legit adventurers guild. We need to figure out how to stop X from coming back, because I guess that’s a thing. Red says we’re going to start stealing from other planes soon, too. That sounds like lots of fun. Spy Master is sad he didn’t get to help with X, but he’s glad he’s gone and the money is back.

The Winding Hawks are heroes, and family, forever.

So Far, So Good

Meeting with the Flintforge Gant went well. Got him to agree. Gave him so much money and the rod. Hope they don’t all get killed. Red seems to like them. Orange is going to be mad he’s missing the fights this year. Maybe Red can host some for him sometime soon instead.

The day arrived. Everyone had been rushing around for two weeks, and now stillness. Gods’ Day. Time to go to the carnival.

Jarlaxle’s tent is in the back, but the whole place is so busy and full of people. Watching us, following us. We stick out way too much. Slip inside the Big Top. Pull the shadows close. Tap the Big Guy and Nevi out of existence. Have to be quiet. We make it through at to His tent. Red says it’s not real, and we’ll pop out in a mansion or some such.

It’s not. Not a mansion, or a building. The doorway leads to a beach! With a bar and people playing with a weird white ball. Big J is lying with a couple people having drinks. He gets up quick when he sees us, though.

Big fight ensues. He stabs me right through the back! His friends aren’t as good at hitting me though, thankfully. Red and I chase him to the door, and Red puts him down and steals the stone. We hightail it out of there right quick after that. Red takes off and the rest of us get home.

Page lets the Blackstaff know we did it, and she shows up with all her friends. I let Big J know we’re gathering and when we plan to head down. He shows up with his friends right before Red calls us down. Blackstaff doesn’t have time to argue, fortunately, and we all teleport into X’s big aquarium room.

Meetings and Meanderings

Secrets, more secrets. But Fixer is here. Time to visit later. Too dangerous.

Blackstaff dreams up Mort for us. Information on Force X. A blood shouter, that sounds awful. A boom sorcerer, scary -from that place with the guns. A tiny rogue, no, two tiny rogues. One close up and one from far away. And a couple dwarves. One with a shield, and one just nasty. Brikka, too. Of course him. Shoulda taken care of him weeks ago. Not the brain eater, wish we could take him out. Have to be careful.

We have to get ready. Not an easy task. Page says she knows of something that might help, some special instrument like her harp. It’s part of a set. The Big Guy prays to his Queen. She tells him where to go. Out to the Moonshea Islands and a corrupted moonwell. How do we get there? It’s not safe on the ocean! Research first.

Page says we need something pure and beautiful to fix the moonwell. She looks up unicorns, but I don’t think this group is going to get one of those. They like nice people. Red suggests sunlight because Page found it’s called Citadel Umbra, but it’s a Moon Well, I’m not so sure. Maybe a bunch of druids on the island could help.

Nevi gets Zrax outside of town to send us to the right Island. There’s a grove of Kitties there!!! So many babies, I love them all! Then a big Cat Lord shows up. We give him a big basket of fish and he says we’re okay to be there. Page asks how we can serve him so he’ll send us home when we’re done. He says there’s some big rainbow fix up where we’re going that he would like. Suggests we talk to the folk in the Sacred Grove of the Earth Mother. Red’s impatient, though, so we just go up near where we think the Citadel is.

I’m not fond of the countryside, but I don’t hate it as much as Red. It’s actually kind of pretty up on this mountain. In the morning, we start making circles to search the forest below. It’s hours and hours of trees and no citadels. Then we get a message that the other group found it, and head over there before the mist spell runs out. It’s all overgrown with blackened vines, the well itself is black and sickly, too. It looks like people used to live here, but they’re all gone now.

Trust and Loyalty

Oh. Oh no. Trust and Loyalty. Don’t tell. Keep secrets. The stone is near. The final stone.

Find it. Use it. Trust.

The fancy drow from the party.

Blackstaff agrees.

Find him. Take it.

Then?? Oh no.

So dangerous. Don’t write it down.

Too dangerous?

Trust, have to trust.

Oh no, he’s super scary. Him? That’s who? Oh no.

Quiet. Keep it quiet.

Secrets to keep the flock safe.

End game he says. Like this has all been just a game.

Almost done.

Just a little longer.

Why me?

I can do this.

The Lady, The Basilisk, and The Dragon

The Cabaret was attacked! And Red’s pups were killed! Oh dear, oh dear. Shouldn’t be staying so far away. Gotta keep them safe. Flock is family and Family sticks together. Master always said so. Xanathar’s folk are still after Catbard. Red and I are going to find who killed our pups, though. Unacceptable!

Catbard comes with us to the Restaurant, though. Keep her close. Then up to the Temple of Helm to set the Lady Gondafrey free. He’s really nice and gives her lots of her gold back. She insists on repaying me, but I don’t even know how much I gave her. Not debt, we’re family. But I take it, I’ll just buy her something pretty later.

We grab Orange next, to head to talk to the Blackstaff. Gotta get her permission to bring Blinky up to guard Catbard. He’s a good boy and he’ll keep her safe. Blackstaff is not very keen on the idea of a basilisk in the city, and makes Orange promise to kill it if it hurts any civilians who aren’t attacking us.

Then we head down to the Bay to talk to the pretty Bronze Dragon. He’s getting bigger, pretty dragon. He says that Umberlee’s cache is vulnerable at a certain time of year. He can make us all breathe, but it will still be dangerous. Lots of monsters guarding it, and we’ll never be able to sail the seas again. We’ve got some time, though.

Time enough to deal with some pup killers. Just gotta find them.