Celebrations and Explosions

Spy Master,

Celebration Day was really fun. So many fun things to see and do. PageCat and I found new acts for the Cabaret!

Somebody blew people up outside our house! 11 people got blown up: an old woman, two men with swords – at least one of them with a Zhent tattoo, two women, a male half-elf, a dirty male gnome, and four halflings – two women and two men.

Candlekeep found a woman who said there was a puppet on a rooftop across the street when it happened. When the guard and inspector question us, they say that the dirty gnome was heading for the Cabaret.

Red said a kid saw a guy chasing the dirty gnome, and then stealing something from him before limping away very quickly. He thinks he was a Zhent, like the men with swords. Mary admits he took gems from the dead gnome, and Red takes them to see if he can find out who he was.

He also found a necklace of fireballs that was dropped by the puppet, I guess. The Big Guy says they sound like the puppets created by the Inspired Hands at the House of Gond for the Creation Parade. He and some of the others are going to go check it out.

This city is really strange. I’ve never seen puppets blow people up before.


Scare Crows

Note to Self:

Don’t go into the fields north of the city alone. The scarecrows are alive out there. Candlekeep says they might have just broken down, unless someone did it on purpose. I don’t know which is scarier. Orange, Red, and the Big Guy took care of them though, and Candlekeep took them back to his faction to look at. They’re going to look out for more. I should just stay in the city. Safer here.