Journal Scrawlings

Orange didn’t come down from the mountain trip. They said he lost at arm wrestling and had to stay there for a few days. He looks pretty tired, talked about X-er-size.

Page invited me and the Big Guy to go to the Yawning Portal with her. They were lowering a group of people into the Pit. She wants me to make flyers for her spirit-talking, so I copy a bunch of symbols off her tarot cards to make it look good. She spent a really long time in the water closet. I hope she’s okay.

Vincent Trench and Falla Lafair, I should ask them how to spell their names, came by to see the Trollskull Manor-cum-Winding Hawk Cabaret. We have such nice neighbors. Falla is going to fix the tree out front.

Pre-Opening Night Dinner preparations:

  • CatBard: Fruits, veggies, bread, cheese
  • Red/Orange: Meats, cheese, bugs
  • Mary Mouse: Nuts, grains, fruits, veggies
  • Big Guy & Candlekeep: Salads and greens

Dinner Menu (12 Pages)

First Course

  • Cheese Strata
  • Parsnip and Toasted Pinenut Soup
  • Anvil-forged Helmet Mushroom Flatbread

Second Course

  • Weeds Fortunato 
  • Wood Elf Forest Salad 
  • Wild Boar Tacos 
  • Lemon Herb Ribs 
  • Otik’s Spiced Potatoes 


  • Kobold Candied Crawlies
  • Cherrybread 
  • Cream Puffs
  • Evermead cordial
The Winding Hawk Cabaret
Grand Opening Celebration!
Come experience the best the North Ward can offer!
On the _ day of _
The Spectacular Serpentine Spectacle!

We open tomorrow!