Tracking the Stone

Spy Master,

The Butcher’s Guild gave up Justin’s address quickly when we asked with the authority of the Grey Hand. When we got there, he was inside and quickly gave up that the Zhentarim pays him to deliver bodies to Thrackus. He said he took the package to Cuddles Meat Pies, but he didn’t know what it was.

Over at the Meat Pie shop, we got attacked by well-dressed Bugbears. The one we left alive recognized Red and started apologizing immediately. Xanathar’s folk had sent them to rescue Otto, but he didn’t know about the stone. Red said we’d take care of it, but then the survivor started to laugh at Orange, and Orange killed him. So much killing, I don’t like it.

Red and Mary head into the building the Bugbears had been heading for while we all wait outside. After a couple gunshots, and Otto running out of the building, Red took off over the roofs of town, and Mary came down to say the stone was on the move. We tried to follow, but only Orange can leap like Red. I got really scared then, what if Red got the stone? What then?!

But the lady with the stone got away, and into a theatre. I stayed outside while Page went in to investigate. I hoped to catch her running away again. Maybe get the stone myself and disappear into the blizzard. It was a really long time before anything happened. She did come running out though, and I did get to chase her, but Page was keeping up pretty well. I had to make sure Red didn’t catch her. We rounded a corner and I changed to look like her, hoping to see where she went and follow her after I took everyone else off track, but she disappeared again. Page hurt me accidentally, but I got away, and no one knows what I did.

We all went back to the theatre, and Page got another lead. The stone was passed to another person who hangs out at the Docks of Mistshore. I really just want to go home, it’s so cold. But on we chase. Red really wants that stone.


Butcher or Body Disposal

Spy Master,

We got a tip about the murderous Nimblewright, but we found more than we bargained for. A butcher up in the Field Ward, Thrackus, and a whole pile of bodies.

Catbard got a note about the Nimblewright and we went to look. A dragonborn snuck out while people were inside, so I tried to follow him, but the blizzard, Spy Master. I lost him. The others found a bunch of dead bodies in the shop. No one we knew. The Big Guy’s nose is amazing though, he tracked the butcher in a blizzard!

He tried to attack us, but we’re better than that, and knocked him out. Took him to the guards. We wanted them to come see the dead bodies before someone moves them, but they won’t go out in the storm. So we headed back inside to make him confess.

Red is very convincing, and upset him real bad and he admitted everything! He said he didn’t kill those people, that the Zhentarim sent them to be disposed of. Same with the Nimblewright. It had the Stone! And Justin, a Zhent lackey from the Butcher’s Guild, was supposed to deliver it somewhere. Thrackus was just to getting rid of the body.

We’re looking for Justin, now. I hope he’s already delivered it and we can’t find him. If he still has it, I’ll try and get it. I know it’s important, Spy Master.



Spy Master,

This new group is already high profile and the faction requests came pouring in. Current recruiters and their factions, and an odd new player. Also, we have a ghost named Lif who was murdered by the previous owners. He’s going to stay on and bartend for us.

Pistachio Goldenspring: an ancient elf forming a College of Spirits with Catbard.

Jareth Fhaulkon of Fhaulkonmere of the Emerald Enclave enticed Candlekeep to join him. (He keeps saying his name is Nevitash, but who cares, he’s my way into the Library.)

The Blackstaff, Vajra Saffahr, invited us to the Tower and I got a Griffon feather! Oh, and Mary Mouseman joined up with her Force Grey for research purposes and Orange for destructive purposes.

Ranaer bought Catbard some tickets to the Opera, so I went with, and we met with Mert, who is a Harper, but he said they’re supposed to be secret, but he wasn’t very secret. Catbard is trying to be secret though, so maybe we keep this between us? (She says her name is Page of a Book, but that’s just silly.)

Savara Bellabronta, some big shiny knight, walked right into our closed tavern and set herself down, inviting us to join her Order of the Gauntlet. The Big Guy seemed interested in her bid to destroy evil.

A guy named Jarlaster tried to get folk to join the Lords Alliance, but no one was interested in that.

Late one night, Red says a flying snake visited him, with a scroll from Davell Starsong. He let me come with him to meet and hear all about the Zhentarim cause. I almost agreed, just to see what would happen, but I didn’t want to cause a mess for you, Spy Master.

Then, another evening, Lif starts pouring a drink for someone who isn’t there. I sure hope all these people come back when we’re open. You should come too, Spy Master, one of the nights. We’re going to have a wonderful opening night. This time, though, it’s the mind-eater from the sewer, and he’s got two brain pets with him. He said he had to research us, and also that they are after the Dragon Horde, not conflict with the Zhents.

He tried to get into my head! He wanted to eat my brain, Spy Master! But I fought him off, he didn’t get me. But he did get Red. After he left, Red touched the brain pet he left behind, and he’s going to give him his blood.

~ Quill Scratcher