Library Time

Spy Master,

Just a quick note. I spent a lot of time reading at the Tower this tenday. It’s very strange when a book helps you get more nimble. But I also went to the Font of Knowledge. The Oghma priests are really nice. Have to learn about these weird groups my flock belong to before the Blackstaff gets any madder at us. She really doesn’t like Red.

Nevi says his bag worms have built a whole city and are traveling between planes. They might help us find Fistandia! He brought one back to the Cabaret and it was Awful! Invaded my mind all slippery and smooth. I do not like her!

Orange got a broom and a license for it. That sounds dangerous, too.

Red says we have to go take care of that pyramid on top of the towers. Even the Blackstaff is scared of it. The Big Guy is getting a special sword to find the dead guys inside. I think I need to go shopping for potions at least. Istrid told me where to go. I’ll let you know how it goes.