Captive… Again

Once we’re all gathered back up with Chirina, we decide we had better let her in on the whole mess. We start with the assassins and their contact and our plan to meet him at the bar. Remy tells her about his magic hat, because she can actually speak Italian, but she’s not particularly interested in getting mixed up with DiRudio’s business. Eventually, we give up hedging and just tell her about our magic. This goes as well as could be expected. She doesn’t run out and call the police, but she sure is scared of us now. I ask the Dawnmother to help out her uncle a little bit, and manage to heal some of his bedsores, but he is too far gone for much else.

We head out to the bar to wait for the contact that night, but no one shows. We say with Chirina and take watches that night, getting a good rest despite the cramped chambers. A nurse stops by in the morning to check on Uncle, and Remy and I go get groceries for breakfast. One more day at the bar, and one more day of nada.

Third times the (ill) charm? Day three, about a dozen men with red armbands approach the bar while we wait and head inside. Next thing I know, Gerhardt is being chased outside by several of them, who are beating him up. Dalish is calling for the constables, and Chirina is rushing inside. I try to get them off Gerhardt, but give up and head for the officers myself. They eventually get to the bar and start arresting people, including Gerhardt. Dalish and I follow them all as witnesses, but make up stories about not knowing what happened and they release us. Gerhardt is held for trial, they tell us.

Back at Chirina’s, we meet up with Remy who says they’d come in, knowing he was American and trying to get him to go with them. When he refused, a fight broke out, and they had guns, so it got a bit messy. Chirina goes outside to keep watch for any more of the men. She says they’re agitators for Sardinia, wanting Rome to give in to the Kingdom. Dalish says he has to check on Gerhardt the next day, so we make plans to head north after that. Hit the hot springs then head for DuRudio.

Dalish heads out early to check on Gerhardt. When he returns, it’s only with a message. Gerhardt was taken away by carriage in the night and is now being held in a nice room. While we discuss what this could mean, another message comes in. He’s an hour north of Rome by carriage, at an estate. I send back to him, asking for details of the route or the estate, and he manages to let me know a few landmarks to find him.

With Chirina’s help, we manage to get out of the city and up near the estate in question. Heyhey goes on a scouting run and sees a Lot of guards in the place, and on the walls, but the front gate is wide open. Inviting us into the trap. I let Gerhardt know we’re here, and he says his snake is scouting the building, and he has no windows in his room. Nat sends in her invisible eye to take a look around and finds two rooms she can’t get into. Gerhardt’s snake leads her to the smaller one where he is staying.

Remy and I sneak a bit closer, discussing whether he should go talk to the guards, or I should try to magic my way in. I’ve got a new spell and if the snake can get in and out, maybe it’s just protected against divination. He eventually agrees that I should try. I concentrate and try stepping through the air to the area Nat described to me. And end up outside the door, with a guard to either side.

I shout for Gerhardt to open the door and fight off the guards, mostly by dodging them. Gerhardt manages to get the door open, but one of the guards kicks him back inside, and then follows him in. More guards come rushing up and it becomes too much. I get grabbed up, gagged, bound, and tossed inside.

I ask Gerhardt what happened once he unties me, and he says that he met a guy in the prison who was also looking for the stolen plans. The guy said he’d give us a three day head start, but then Gerhardt was brought here. It doesn’t make any sense. I let Remy know that I got caught and they’ll have to make a new plan. The room is a private sanctum, so there’s no magicking us out.

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