Lost and Found

We wait while Nat and Remy sneak into the army camp and Chirina tries to talk with more drunk soldiers. They return with Philomena, a little frazzled, but intact. We head away from the city to find a place to hole up. It’s a little harder than usual because Nat’s crow got killed in their fight to escape. Nat and Remy are both collared and silent until Dalish takes time to check it out and dispell the magic. Remy is then able to contact Ceres and have him tell Chirina to meet us south of town along the coast when she wakes up.

Philomena is able to fill us in. She is angry at her father for getting them all into this mess by stealing the research. She says they are in Sicily, where the Magia hold sway. We have to get over to the island, find them, and get home. Not sure how we’re going to manage any of that. She has teleport abilities, but only short range, like me, it seems. We refill everyone up on mana and get some sleep.

Next morning, we do some brain storming to plan our route to Sicily, with Ceres help, we include Chirina in the discussions. She heads down to the docks to look at the boat situation. Military boats and fishing boats with military escorts. It’s not likely that anything here will be of use, so we decide to head down the coast. It is quite a ways from here to Sicily anyhow.

So, we head out, to meet up with Chirina to the south. Unsurprisingly, after last night’s adventure, we get ambushed by a group of riflemen. At one point, I have to Thunderstep Philomena and myself up into a tree after she got shot a whole lot. We manage, through careful manuevering and a few prayers to the Dawnmother, to not kill anyone. Nat digs into the leader’s head and discovers this is only one of twenty such parties out looking for us, and they’re supposed to check in each night. These thought they could take us alone, but if they don’t report back, a much larger force will head this way. We take a few of their guns, most of their ammo, and Klyce breaks the rest of the weapons. Then we head out to get far away before we rest.

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