Everyone split up at that point, trying to find information without giving up stories at the entrance. Which I thought was against the rules, but follow Nat anyway. She goes looking for information on Prime Etherion off in some other tower and finds a diary of sorts, describing his rise to Prime, and only a very short time after the war. Nothing useful, though. So, we meet up and head back to the entrance. Where we find Remy lying in a pool of blood.

There is a rather large hole in the back of his head, though really, any hole in the back of one’s head is bad. I drop down beside him and stabalize him immediately. Then I send up a longer prayer to the Dawn Mother to heal him up a bit while Dalish takes a look. He says part of Remy’s brain is missing. His Brain! We pick him up and take him back out of the library and find him a bed. I keep praying for him, and Nat starts digging into his head.

I’m not sure what happened then, but it might have been a mind palace, I was praying so hard I wasn’t really paying attention. We may not get along, but he’s Not Allowed to Die. But anyway, I heard them all talking to Alock about there being too many voices in Remy’s head. And that Remy’s voice was missing. Nat digs in and convinces them all to quiet down as I finish praying, and we back off and let him rest.

With him out of comission for a while, we decide to head to his old house for answers. We can hit up his Dad if we come up blank there. There’s still a bank sign out front, no one has picked it up. So we climb over the wall and head up to the house. The grounds are being maintained, but no one appears to be around. Nat takes a couple tries to open the door and we head inside.

Everything is gone. No furniture, decorations, paintings. Nothing. We all start searching around the place, but I’m too worried about the hole in Remy’s head and everything else to be of much help. They’re all disappearing into walls and through chimneys. Eventually, Klyce calls us all into a study that he thinks has a strange fireplace. Turns out, it doesn’t have a chimney up top.

Klyce pops into spider form and heads in and up. When he comes back, he gets Nat and Dalish to go back up with him. Apparently there are some runes up there. They all come back out and Nat starts a fire in the fireplace. HeyHey goes to take a lok and finds the runic barrier gone. Nat, Klyce, and Dalish go look, the rest of us stay to make sure the fire doesn’t go out and trap them. When they come back, they’re dragging a full set of Royal plate, a set of weights, and a large collection of nearly disintigrated books. Maribeth wants to check the grounds, so we head back outside, but everything is empty and quiet.

We head back home. Nat identifies the fancy armor and we clean up the books and mend them so they’re readable. They turn out to simply be geneaologies of the noble families. Remy’s says that his dad had two brothers: Daniel and Hector. They are both marked as Dead. Remy and his Dad are both marked as Traitors. Well, that’s lovely, but it does mean someone else was alive to make the marks. I wonder who.

Nat does another spell on the armor and says that it is indeed the “Uniform of the Guardian of the King, Forged by Hadreas of Kingdom Founding. And every person who has worn it has died in defense of the King.” So, if Hector wore it, then he had to have died that day. But what does that Mean??? Everyone starts tossing out theories of betrayal and resurrection. We have to talk to Mr. Renaud.

So, I gather up Dalish, Maribeth, and Nat to go have a talk with Remy’s dad, because Remy still hasn’t woken up. Everyone is quite surprised that we’re back, again, already. I feel kinda bad, but Nat’s parents don’t seem to mind all that much. At dinner there is talk of hunting and other such normalcy. After dinner, we take Mr. Renaud off to a sitting room to have a chat. A chat he really doesn’t want to have.

We try to convince him that we’re just trying to help his brother, but it’s messy. We ask about the politics of the coup and his brothers. Where they might be now? He has no knowledge of his whereabouts, he didn’t even know he was alive. So, we ask him about their deaths. And we give him alcohol to ease the telling. Hector was the Captain, and Daniel was just one of the regular guards. Hector died in the coup, but Daniel was sent to the mines. He received notice that Daniel was dead two years later. So, we ask him to describe his brother, and it seems more and more like Daniel, not Hector, is our Knight. Nat asks to see the family ring, so she can locate one just like it later. Maribeth asks for memories from his childhood. He tells us of training with Hector, always training. But Daniel and he went to a Virginia beach and had a lovely time relaxing before Daniel joined the guard.

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