Cursed by a God

I’ve never been cursed by a god before and I do not ever want to be again. I almost killed that pleasant young fellow, Kai’Osh. Fortunately, he was able to calm everyone down enough to pull through and shake it off. Oh why did I ever agree to come in here?

Three arms and all those chains. Is this Torog or Tharzidun? Or both? Doors without hinges or handles in the middle of a tortured giant’s stomach. Magic, obviously. Oh look, black pustules of evil, and now they’re shooting them. So disgusting and splashy, but at least the sword brothers didn’t climb up there to stab at them. Well, at least it worked and the doors are open now. Fascinating black swirling nothingness. Wait, what? You want to go inside? But there’s two other ways out! Oh dear.

More darkness, low ceiling and crowded with stalactites and stalagmites. Quietly, it says, boiling trouble, and not what it seems. So, we go quiet, until we hit a stream of acid. The little metal one decides to jump it, and makes such a ruckus, that he wakes four ropers! No, no, no, no, no! I do not like this one bit. They kept grabbing us up and trying to bite our heads off!

At least I found competent help, and we all make it through alive. What’s this? Now they want to go get loot out of the acid river?! Adventurers! Poor Jonas keeps tossing images of himself at the acid, and they keep burning up. Finally, the little metal man goes in himself, and comes out steaming with some gold and a sword hilt. And we go onward.

To a room dedicated to Gruumsh! Five massive, fiend-corrupted, orcs with equally massive axes and spears. Oh, and did I mention the boiling blood?? Nope, no way, not going in there. Oh, it’s really bad, they’re falling. That little blue-haired girl pulls them back up though, thank the Primes. The blood finally recedes when the last orc falls.

Everyone is exhausted, so we gather up the loot and head into the next hallway to rest. Urzutha pulls up a rope trick and we have a nice safe rest, identifying all the strange weapons they’ve picked up. Most of them are cursed, of course. This place tends to do that. After the rope trick wears off and nothing has changed, the group decides to take a proper long rest. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea in a place like this, but they are all clearly beat to all the hells below.

By the time everyone is rested, the door back to the blood chamber has resealed itself. The strange little green one says there’s something invisible in there now. So, we leave it be and head down the hallway, and out of Gruumsh’s mouth into a wide and deep chasm. It seems like where we came in might be above us? No way to tell really. Jonas tosses a coin, but no one hears it land below. Then there’s a flash of light and demonic screeches as two Vrocks fly up to attack. They take one down, and the other flies away, but there doesn’t seem to be any way off this ledge other than climbing or flying ourselves.

~Prolix Yusaf

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