Rogues and Assassins

A couple of them went for a swim after the battle, I didn’t know that was allowed. I wonder what they’re looking for. Doesn’t look like they found anything, though. Headed back to the Chateau. Uppity wizards, all of them. Wanting all the power below for themselves.

And off again, this time to the Temple of the Mentor. Are they playing both sides? At least their library is public, sort of. At least in Rexxentruum you can go and read books if you’re escorted. But they’re heading upstairs. Better stay out of sight. I’ll have to hand off soon, the others will be missing me. Must not be important, they’re sitting down for lunch now. They’re never interesting during the day.


What in the Nine Hells are they doing? Climbing trees? I can see them, how the Hand doesn’t, I don’t even know. Light, why does he always stay so close to everyone else? Ashann has arrived, and they’re still just staying in the trees. And she’s leaving. They aren’t following, are they just going to break… yep, just going to break in. Alright then.

Oh, now they want to chase the little gnome, serve her right being so obvious about Consortium business. She’s long gone, but they start strolling after, talking to everyone they pass. By the Luxon, how do they ever get anything done? The Luck’s Run? Who in their right might would organize out of so public a building?

Well, those three weren’t very circumspect either, led them right to the First Eclipse. I really should have a talk with leadership about subtlety. Now they’ve broken into a room, but once again they leave empty-handed. Well, at least we can be sure they aren’t going to be joining the Soul any time soon.

Is… is he really? Is he really wandering the city with just the autognome for company? I wonder where the rest of them got off to. Folge told me this afternoon, but I didn’t believe her. How could he be so careless this far from home? How indeed. Back to the Chateau, and the Schoolhouse, and the Chateau. Must be securing their place with the Allegiance. Good.

Back to the Bazaar. Perfect! Just down this alley. Now!

Dammit. Well, at least I got the metal gnome down.

Dammit. The Hand!

Another time Kai’Osh, I’ll see you another time.


A Stone and Two Scimitars


I went to the Flagon Dragon with the Catbard, Mary Mouse, and the Big Guy. I couldn’t find much out, but Catbard overheard a drow thinking about the stone of Golorr? He was thinking that the stone is really a creature, and you have to have all the components in order to access it.

Thanks for coming to the show! It was a great opening night! And Volo, Floon, and Ranear all came the second night, too!

I’m sorry we didn’t catch that elf-slayer down at the docks, he was just too fast with those scimitars and that… piss-toll. I think that’s what Mary Mouse called it, but I’ve never seen that word before. It sure did blow a hole through my shoulder. The group is super interested in finding him now, for all sorts of different reasons. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. He can kill us before we even get close. Orange, Mary Mouse, and the Big Guy want to arrest him, though.

Trixie says I’m getting pretty good at climbing. When I close my eyes and don’t look down, at least. Thank you for the introduction.