A Stone and Two Scimitars


I went to the Flagon Dragon with the Catbard, Mary Mouse, and the Big Guy. I couldn’t find much out, but Catbard overheard a drow thinking about the stone of Golorr? He was thinking that the stone is really a creature, and you have to have all the components in order to access it.

Thanks for coming to the show! It was a great opening night! And Volo, Floon, and Ranear all came the second night, too!

I’m sorry we didn’t catch that elf-slayer down at the docks, he was just too fast with those scimitars and that… piss-toll. I think that’s what Mary Mouse called it, but I’ve never seen that word before. It sure did blow a hole through my shoulder. The group is super interested in finding him now, for all sorts of different reasons. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. He can kill us before we even get close. Orange, Mary Mouse, and the Big Guy want to arrest him, though.

Trixie says I’m getting pretty good at climbing. When I close my eyes and don’t look down, at least. Thank you for the introduction.


One thought on “A Stone and Two Scimitars

  1. Matt Armitage

    I regret putting you in harms way in the fashion that I did. Your goal should be to observe and report, not to be the target of such individuals. Regardless you handled yourself admirably and I am happy to hear you have mended well.

    Pistol’s and other Firearms are unique items of the Luskan Isles, and rare to find this far North. You’ll find them in the hands of some Nobility who wish to seem worldly, or in the hands of assassins seeking an edge. I have no doubt that such weapons could be found beneath Waterdeep’s streets, I will keep an eye out.

    The performance was lovely, I wish nothing but the best for your little Cabaret, a fine bit of gossip that it will be. But the information on the Stone, that is useful. Keep your ears open for anything on the rogue Zhentarum operatives or the Stone, we need to know everything we can and currently, we are behind in the information game.

    Abner Mullins
    Master of Missives

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