Drow Story – or How Spook Became Skeeter

Everybody tired and sick. Margie made too big a dinner, everyone sleepy. Skeeter gettin restless. Tell us a story, they say. How bout drow? Okay, a story of stupid drow.

Drow things wicked and mean. They live in deep dark. Black like they skin, so they blends with the darkness. Outside match inside Mammy once said. No like other bigs, never can see bad on surface whole things. They look all kind and boring, til sword go through your guts. Whole things say we ugly and kill us for no better reason. Stupid drow only kill us if we in the way or make them mad. Stupid drow rather use us.

They came to see Tribe one day, tried to trade for workers. No one want to go with, til they threaten young ones. Group of men go with. Skeeter was still Spook then. Stupid drow not see him. They march for long time. Tribe-friends very noisy, make drow angry, easy to follow shouts and whips.

Drow not take tribe-friends to drow home. Take to big cavern full of spiders. Stone spiders, real spiders, drow spiders, glowing spiders, inky spiders. Spook not like it there, stay by entrance counting spiders. Don’t know words for how many.

Dirty drow take tribe-friends to big stone spider, tie em up and put them on table, like dinner. Spook scared. Drow eat goblins? Or they spider dinner? Too many spiders. Maybe drow fraid of spiders too? Drow lady shouting over table, others lighting fires, heating blades, shouting, too. Tribe-friends start screaming, spiders all get closer, Spook can’t watch.

Spook slip into room, start stabbing smaller spiders in back. Spiders at front too hungry, not notice. Spook keep stabbing, as tribe keep screaming. Why won’t stop screaming? Spook only see blood and death, spiders, drow and tribe. Spinning, whirling, then blackness all around.

Spook wake up, covered in blood. Spider blood. Spook blood. Dirty drow blood. Giant stone spider still overhead. Spook scramble away. Fall over, something wrong. Legs not work right. Can’t find feet. Where? What? Big spider on Spook! Get away, get off! Ow! Nononononono!

Spook wake up, still covered in blood. Don’t move. What happened? Spook flex fingers – works. Roll shoulders – works. Poke belly – works. Flex toes – toes? Not work. Legs? Yes, legs – too many legs. What? How? Spook have spider legs? Spider body under belly, too. Spook a goblin spider now.

Spook wake up, blood all crusted now. Still have spider legs. Gotta get outa here before turn into whole spider. Spook close eyes, fold up all legs, push upright with arms, legs under, slowly unfold legs. Okay, Spook standing. Spook open eyes, ground so far away. No, stay, no sleeping, gotta go. Walk is walk? One side then other? All together as one? Lift one side, Spook fall over. Ow! Try again. Spook fall down lots, but fall forward and out of room slowly. Figure out how to walk before fall all way home.

Spook get home, skin dark as dirty drow, too many legs and spider body. Many tribe run away from Spook. Fishface not scared. He laugh. Stupid Spook, got hisself turned into a spider. You a Skeeter now, Spook. Stupid buggy Skeeter.

Find drow someday, make pay for this, and for Tribe-friends. Stupid, dirty drow.

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