Undead Invasion

We’re back in the teleport room. Big Guy helped Page sit up. The ceiling is black now and we’re sitting in a massive pile of Things. Everyone starts grabbing things, but there’s skeletons coming up the stairs. Blackstaff pops a little wall of force over the door. There’s a tree in here, with magic fruit, and some pick toads hopping about. What even happened?

Orange grabs a toad, but it turns into a panther. Like his brother, he makes friends with it. Mary grabs one and it turns into a big demon bird that we have to put down. The skeletons are pounding on the door. The Big Guy grabs a big metal brazier to brace it, but slipped and dropped it on top of himself. The skeletons start breaking through all the barriers. Then help arrived. Ziraj and a few other Doom Raiders, by the look of them. They escort us down the tower and out, through and around more undead, and some Grey Hand. Ziraj isn’t very subtle in keeping me safe, but I’m so near dead, that I can’t complain.

Once outside, we can see a giant black pyramid atop the two towers, like it just landed there. What in Faerûn has happened here? Was that in the mansion, too? Ziraj gets us to the edge of the combat and tells the Blackhand that the Doom Raiders will call in the debt someday. Very subtle friend, very subtle. Catbard starts singing a song about The Lost Undercrypt of someone named Ulfang the Black as we head away from the mess at the towers. Leaving the Blackstaff to rally her forces.

Back at the cabaret, I grab a drink and stew and head up to the kitties for bed. I don’t know what to say if they ask about the rescue, yet. I hope no one noticed he was protecting me. I head out in the morning to send a note, but Ziraj is there again. He says they’re going to keep an eye on things for a few days, so I hand him my report to deliver on the Towers.

Blackstaff shows up about midmorning, as we’re discussing what to do with all the books we took from the tower. She asks if the pyramid was our fault. How? What? No. That’s a weird question. She agrees with Catbard that it’s Ulfang. She says that it happened just as we entered Manshoon’s mansion. She won’t tell us not to go exploring, but he’s really dangerous, and she’s not coming with us. She says Madeline is researching, and Nevi will go talk with her. The conversation goes in a few random directions at this point, Nim and the Gargoyle and then Blackstaff asks for Manshoon’s robe.

Red really wants to keep it, if only to sell it since we can’t use it. He asks for a trade, some secret knowledge in her tower. He seems to be talking about something specific, two particular tomes that can only be read once a century. How strange, but she agrees. Once she leaves, he says I should read one of them, and the Big Guy should read the other one. I’m just happy I get to go to her Library.

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