Chasing the Chase

Next morning we have breakfast, but Catbard must have gone to work. Everyone’s impatient, so we go to the Locksmith – Ellaspra Ulmarr. Mary Mouse, Orange, and Nevi head into the back to talk, the rest of us keep watch. The come out with the name Vokar Kibbins and an address in the Southern Ward. Off we go again.

The door is kicked in and a couple halflings are running away. I go stop them, and they seem real nervous. They lie worse than I do, so we take them back to the house. Eventually, they admit that a catperson was there with a bunch of others. They gave the tomb-robbed loot to another guy, named Losser at the Dandy Mop Wigshop. Red yells at them some and we head out again. Catbard must have decided not to argue with Red anymore.

We run down the streets, ignoring an illusion of a crash at the intersection before the shop. We barge into the shop and find some stairs leading down. Not waiting or asking, we run right down the stairs. There’s an iron door at the bottom that Red gets us through, right into the sewers. The Big Guy takes a big breath of the rancid air, and Nevi looks around. They both send us south again.

To a dead end, that’s really another illusion. We run on some more until they find secret doors. The one on the left has noise behind it, so I listen while Red words on the door to the right. The Big Guy trips over something in the floor and the left door crashes open, spilling out skeletons. I punch one, and he turns them all to dust. Just looks like they were in storage or something.

Red wants to go right, so Orange pushes through some furniture to get us into a ransacked office. I can’t find anything useful, but I grab some handwriting samples anyway. We rush through some more halls and doors and sewers. Then the trail just stops. It smells a bit sandy and there’s a weird blowback like a sideways explosion on the walls. We keep going until we find a ladder to the street level.

Red checks first and then we climb up. There are some kenku feathers here, and Slicer’s bracelet. What’s that doing here?!? I whistle, but nothing. I grab it from Red’s magic hand while everyone looks around. Red calls the guard and says there’s a rogue Djinn, and asks for a Mage Civiler, like the one who tried to find us at the Bard School, but we don’t find one. Everyone goes to report in, but I just go with Red to the new Restaurant. I don’t want to tell Spy Master I lost another piece of the stone just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Orange says we have to all go to bed when Red gets home. We do, and then wake up in a library with Catbard and Blackstaff. Catbard apologizes, but nobody really minded the chase. Not even Red. Then they have a big conversation about what Xanathar could do for the city, and how Blackstaff and Catbard think he’s evil. Red says everyone’s guilds do bad stuff. Orange thinks we should kill Xanathar, but Red says you’d have to be stupid or really powerful. Some days, I think my flock is both. Blackstaff thinks no one is safe while X is interested in the stones. Red says we’ll need them all to get near enough to attack him. It’s all so confusing.

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