Umberlee’s Temple

Sea ghosts are really scary! They killed Orange right away when he rushed down to fight them. I grabbed him, though, and got him back to the Big Guy. We all fight them off and get inside as quickly as we can. It’s a really strange tower with really dark stone stuff. Nevi says it’s not natural.

Red leads us down and around until there’s a weird demonic bust at the end of the tunnel. He went up to it and got zapped real hard. He zips over to it and pops its eyes out. Then leads us on and to the right. There’s pictures of the sea goddess down this way. And a door that’s not a door. No one can figure out how to open it. Nevi says the water holds it closed. So, back we go.

There’s a weird statue of a lady here. She looks real scared, and Red says the stone feels weird at the top. Nevi takes a look and says its got an awful lot of magic on it. There are a couple matching magics on the wall, too. Some kind of secret door. Big Guy dispels the magic on the lady, while I stand by with a water breathing potion. She doesn’t need it though, she relaxes and then withers and dies. I guess she had been there a long time.

The door opens to a big round room. There’s a big drain hole in the center of the room. The water tastes like blood in here. Fish people and sharks come swarming up the hole and our Dragon Friend breathes on all of them. The room is a lot bloodier now, so we quickly swim through and down the hole. Red keeps us from tripping traps as we go. One of the tubes was all full of them.

The next big room is full of seaweeds and other plants. The water is warm and salty in here. It’s like a fish tank inside the temple. Some fish people swim over and they warn us against going any further. They aren’t going to stop us, though. There are other creatures here, though, creepy weird looking fish people that do try. Sharks and sea spawn, except the sharks weren’t really, they were hags. But it didn’t matter, we smashed them all. The nice fish people came back then, saying they’re leaving the temple, but to beware the Guardian of the temple. Orange talks to them about gods and the Wall, and they head out. We start taking bets on what the guardian is. Kraken, Dragon Turtle (Orange says that’s not real), or something else.

Deeper and warmer paths lead us down to a big ugly face of a door with a portcullis. We slip into a massive dark chamber. Big voice comes to all of us, calling us juicy morsels. Says we’re not the first. I don’t like this big voice or this darkness. But light comes then, brightening up the room and showing more pictures of the Umberlee goddess. There’s a huge pile of treasure below us, and it’s moving.

Red was right, a Dragon Turtle it is! That thing is HUGE! And its breath hurts an awful lot. And its shell is so hard. I spent a lot of time unconscious in the water, which is extra frightening. But Catbard called her genie and Dragon Friend was really helpful. Eventually, I wake up and it’s cracked all apart. We loot really quickly, but it’s getting awfully hot in here. The genie takes most of us away to the Air plane, but Dragon Friend and Red stay behind for more loot and get away together.

Next day we meet back up outside the city and divide up the loot. Red tells Dragon Friend to stay away from the water. The Sea Queen has already sent raging storms to Waterdeep. The storms last a really long time, but we got lots of money and some really pretty items. I got a new staff and belt. Catbard got a new ring she seemed really happy about. Now we have to lay low until the storm blows over.

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