A Plot, A Party, and A Pretty Drow

Everyone came down to the Restaurant to have lunch with Red and me. Orange says he found a guy with his brain eaten out at the Yawning Portal. He says it’s happening all over town. He got a new ax that made him promise to kill the monster responsible. It’s weird to make promises to weapons, but Orange never does anything normal. He says it’s the Xanathar mind eater that we met right back at the beginning. Red tells him good luck. Killing that guy is going to be an awful long quest. I think Orange was hoping Red would help him, but Red seems scared of the guy, or crossing The Boss.

Catbard, she’s not a page of a book, this is a page of a book. But I guess she’d rather I call her that. Strange Catbard. In love with a guy who lives inside her ring, and has a fancy palace full of air and bright loveliness. Page is someone else’s book. Like always.

Page asked Red and me to go to a party with her. She says she needs help finding spies there. It’s a really fancy party, so we go get some new fancy clothes. I get a pretty blue dress with sparkles on it. Not good for sneaking, but good for blending in at a fancy party. As much as this little bird can, anyway. I make up some new business cards, too. No one’s hired me in a long time. I don’t know how much longer this group is going to last. Flock may be family, but those stones, or that sea goddess could ruin it all.

It’s a really nice party, and I reconnect with some old clients and meet a few new. Cat… Page picked up a few acts for the cabaret. Red does what Red does. Then, about halfway into the night, Page threw champagne into some guy’s face. He played it off and started to leave, but we, and Mert, all followed him. Red and I went up on the roof, while Page and Mert followed him more directly. He says something about hiding a peacock, and Page says she wants to see. Then he was suddenly a drow in a big feathered hat and an eyepatch. Is he a Pirate? He says his name is Jarlaxle, and Mert seems to know him. Then he disappeared! I guess it wasn’t a big deal he was there, because we went back inside to enjoy the rest of the party.

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