Castle in the Sky with Dragons

Wake up to Scootch shouting. Why we leave Scootch in bad room? You dead, Scootch! Scootch float through door, finally believe he dead. Oh well. Ghostface not come back though, he all dead now.

Next room have big black stones. Center have big black stone box with big black stone kitty on top happily killing some stone whole thing. Rocky not like it, smashes it down. Skeeter find a ring and give to Marta when Scootch say he not know what it for.

Next we find very big cavern. There is floating castle way up in middle with cone of green sparkles over it all down to floor. There a tiny jello cube inside cone. Skeeter throw dagger, it dispeers. So does rock. Marge throws one of her kids, it gets inside, but all tiny. Jello cube move towards it. Skeeter throw end of rope to kid. Now Skeeter inside and tiny, too. Find dagger and rock though.

We decide to get out, but it very very far to edge of cone now. We run, but some brains with leggies start chasing us. Bright flying goblin demon jumps off castle and comes to help. Quint come in, too. He knows shiny demon. Brains suddenly catch fire. Marge comes in to help now. All the brains burn. Skeeter feed Burny some brains.

All brains dead, Quint attack flying shiny demon. He brother, name Pastor. Quint thought him dead. Skeeter complain about shiny Pastor, he very bright.  Folk start flying up to castle. Bugs come complaining stop to squish bugs. Skeeter realize he can fly, too. Burny help Skeeter fly up to castle.

Rocky open castle gate. There hall with torches and a half-thing says we “worthy” of Fire Goth’s castle and will have “bath” and new clothes. What bath? Kill half thing? Quint says no. But, half things bad, kill half thing! Quint says no, wants to see what “bath” is. Also what “gentle man” is.

We step forward and floor fall down. Told you we should kill half thing. There shiny liquid in pit below. There platforms, but no path to door. We play with sticks that make rocks move so we can get to door. Rocky tries open door. Door close. Up tiny bit, down, up tiny bit, down.

Voice says we have no “man-ers.” Quint says give us your treasure. Pastor talk voice into opening door, says we won’t come in, just two minutes civel dis-cors. Door open, is giant fairy dragon. Says is his castle, has Mad Goth trapped upstairs. Says Fire Goth is Mad Goth’s prentice.

Quint count off two minutes, and charges into room.

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